Personal Information Privacy Policy

Definition of Confidential Information

This Personal Information Privacy Policy applies to all user-specific information about a user that can be obtained by ABBYY when this user is logged in to ABBYY Lingvo Live (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"). The present Agreement uses the terms and definitions given in the End-User Agreement at

Personal Information

ABBYY collects information provided by you as your personal data in connection with registering yourself as a user of the Service. ABBYY uses and processes this information to deliver the Service, improve the user experience for Lingvo Live, and better meet customer needs.

The registration data we collect through the Site/Mobile Applications may include your e-mail, name, surname, password and several optional parameters. This data is typically necessary for successful registration on the Service, further identification of your identity as a user of Lingvo Live, protection of your Credentials, and recovery of your Password in case of its loss.

Your e-mail may be used by Lingvo Live Administration for contacting you. This e-mail address cannot be used for any other purpose unless you explicitly permit such use.

You acknowledge that when you use the Service all data about your use of the Service is automatically logged on ABBYY's servers, including your visits or departures (i.e., the time you log in and log out of the Portal), the history of your search requests and orders, as well as certain system data, such as the type of browser, your IP address, the date and time of access, cookie files, and the addresses of the pages you've viewed.

Protection of personal information in connection with the use of Google Analytics (the following sections related to Google Analytics are applied when the Service uses Google Analytics and/or when you have permitted us to use Google Analytics services, including, but not limited to, Google Analytics for Advertisers). The policies of Google Anаlytiсs, including the user-ID feature, do not allow ABBYY or any Third Parties use the Service for tracking, collecting or hosting any information, which allows for identification of Internet users (including identification of name, email address or billing details), or any other information based on which Google could identify such personal details.

Sharing of Personal Information

ABBYY does not share your personal information with any third parties, except in the following cases:

  • Your violation of the End-User Agreement.
  • This is done according to the laws of the country and/or upon a corresponding request from the state authorities in full compliance with the legal procedures.
  • Your use of certain Services on Lingvo Live.
  • Your clearly expressed permission.

Non-Personal Information

With your permission, ABBYY shares with third parties (including, but not limited to Google) non-personal information for analysis and marketing purposes received from you by means of cookie files during your use of Lingvo Live. All received information is processed and used only for delivery of Services, as well as for analysis and quality assurance of the Service to improve the user experience of Lingvo Live.

ABBYY informs you that upon your permission it will use Google Analytics, including the User-ID functionality and Google Analytics for Advertisers during your use of Lingvo Live. Data obtained through the Google Play Developer Console, such as number of views, hits, downloads, traffic sources, sales, can be transferred into Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics is a service that helps website and application owners assess the activity of their visitors. Despite the fact that Google Analytics may use cookie files to collect information and statistics, Google does not receive any user-specific personal information.

A cookie file is a small piece of text that is passed to your browser from the website you've visited. This helps the websites remember your preferences, such as your language settings. This functionality will be useful when you visit these websites again. The cookie files make website browsing far more convenient.

Google Play Developer Console is a console or other Google online tool for developers, which allows you to manage software distribution and any digital content through the Google Play Store, and perform related administrative functions.

Cookie Files Used by Google Analytics:

ABBYY uses the basic cookie files only. Basic cookie files are those installed on your browser by Lingvo Live upon your visit.

These Cookie Files may be used by ABBYY for collecting statistics about the use of Lingvo Live, its services, Website or Mobile Applications (including, but not limited to, number of daily visits to Lingvo Live, number of translated words, and more), including through Google Analytics; for testing of various Websites or Mobile Applications; for content personalization; for managing various entities on Lingvo Live Websites or Mobile Applications depending on the recorded cookie files; for saving previous actions on Websites or Mobile Applications; and for collecting statistics about various errors.

For more information about cookie files typically used by Google services, refer to the following link: https://develоpers.gооgle.соm/аnаlytiсs/devguides/соlleсtiоn/аnаlytiсsjs/сооkie-usаge.

Usage of Google Analytics for Advertisers

With your permission, ABBYY intends to use the following options of Google Analytics for Advertisers: remarketing, reports on views in the ad network, demographic reports, and reports on categories of interest in Google Analytics; for the full list of features of Google Analytics for Advertisers which may be used by ABBYY, refer to the following link:

You also have the right to not to permit ABBYY use of Google Analytics during your usage of the Services; you provide your agreement or disagreement with the use of Google Analytics services, including Google Analytics for Advertisers, when you accept the Terms of Use of our Portal, and you can change these settings and your ad preferences or enable Google Adblock using Lingvo Live functionality (in case of their presence at the moment of your use of Lingvo Live).

To learn more on how to manage your advertising settings, refer to the following link:

You can change your ad preferences with the following link:

To read more about Google Adblock, refer to the following link: To install Google Adblock, use the following link https://tооls.gооgle.соm/dlpаge/gаоptоut.

How ABBYY uses Google Analytics and what data it collects:

ABBYY will collect and process the general data in Google Analytics included in standard reports: audience, behavior, conversions, and detail about traffic sources which can be matched with the user ID. ABBYY uses this data to calculate the conversion metrics for each user segment.


ABBYY reserves the right to change this Personal Information Privacy Policy. The latest version of this Policy is always available at