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Examples from texts

There is no reason to assume that this cycle will be any different.
© Project Syndicate 1995 – 2011
© Project Syndicate 1995 – 2011
Where the foreign stock exchange violates the criminal law, it shall assume criminal liabilities.
© 中国投资指南
© Invest in China
Those who are required to do technical work or to have special skills must receive training and be certified capable for the job before they assume the posts.
© 中国投资指南
© Invest in China
The claimant should assume the entire arbitration fee and other expenses of this case.
© 中国投资指南
© Invest in China
The respondent signed the contract on behalf of himself other than XX Group; therefore, he should independently assume the entire obligation to pay under the contract.
© 中国投资指南
© Invest in China
During the term of his or her office, a judge shall not concurrently assume other public or private posts, nor shall he or she assume any post in organizations of a political nature.
法官在任职期间,不得兼任其他公职或任何私人职务,也不得在政治性团体中担任任何 职务。
© 中国投资指南
© Invest in China
The first respondent and the second respondent should assume the attorney fee, the arbitration fee and other relevant fees of this case.
© 中国投资指南
© Invest in China
A national unity government must assume three major responsibilities.
© Project Syndicate 1995 – 2011
© Project Syndicate 1995 – 2011
The branch of a commercial bank shall not be qualified as a body corporate and it shall do business within the scope authorized by the headquarters which shall assume the civil responsibilities thereof.
© 中国投资指南
© Invest in China
The respondent considered that result was due to the claimant's fault, and the claimant should assume all the financial and legal liabilities accordingly.
© 中国投资指南
© Invest in China
A citizen shall have the capacity for civil rights from birth to death and shall enjoy civil rights and assume civil obligations in accordance with the law.
© 中国投资指南
© Invest in China
The claimant should assume liquidated damages according to stipulations in the cooperative contract.
© 中国投资指南
© Invest in China
For a civil servant who assumes a leading post in an entity of a state organ or assumes a non-leading post with special work features, the transfer to another post thereof shall be carried out within the organ in a planned manner.
对担任机关内设机构领导职务和工作性质特殊的非领导职务的公务员,应当有计划地在 本机关内转任。
© 中国投资指南
© Invest in China
The arbitration fee and the attorney fee of the respondent should be assumed by the claimant.
© 中国投资指南
© Invest in China
the rate or rates of interest assumed in the calculations;

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Word forms


Basic forms
Present Participle (Participle I)assuming
Past Participle (Participle II)assumed
Present Indefinite, Active Voice
I assumewe assume
you assumeyou assume
he/she/it assumesthey assume
Present Continuous, Active Voice
I am assumingwe are assuming
you are assumingyou are assuming
he/she/it is assumingthey are assuming
Present Perfect, Active Voice
I have assumedwe have assumed
you have assumedyou have assumed
he/she/it has assumedthey have assumed
Present Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I have been assumingwe have been assuming
you have been assumingyou have been assuming
he/she/it has been assumingthey have been assuming
Past Indefinite, Active Voice
I assumedwe assumed
you assumedyou assumed
he/she/it assumedthey assumed
Past Continuous, Active Voice
I was assumingwe were assuming
you were assumingyou were assuming
he/she/it was assumingthey were assuming
Past Perfect, Active Voice
I had assumedwe had assumed
you had assumedyou had assumed
he/she/it had assumedthey had assumed
Past Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I had been assumingwe had been assuming
you had been assumingyou had been assuming
he/she/it had been assumingthey had been assuming
Future Indefinite, Active Voice
I shall/will assumewe shall/will assume
you will assumeyou will assume
he/she/it will assumethey will assume
Future Continuous, Active Voice
I shall/will be assumingwe shall/will be assuming
you will be assumingyou will be assuming
he/she/it will be assumingthey will be assuming
Future Perfect, Active Voice
I shall/will have assumedwe shall/will have assumed
you will have assumedyou will have assumed
he/she/it will have assumedthey will have assumed
Future Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I shall/will have been assumingwe shall/will have been assuming
you will have been assumingyou will have been assuming
he/she/it will have been assumingthey will have been assuming
Future in the Past Indefinite, Active Voice
I should/would assumewe should/would assume
you would assumeyou would assume
he/she/it would assumethey would assume
Future in the Past Continuous, Active Voice
I should/would be assumingwe should/would be assuming
you would be assumingyou would be assuming
he/she/it would be assumingthey would be assuming
Future in the Past Perfect, Active Voice
I should/would have assumedwe should/would have assumed
you would have assumedyou would have assumed
he/she/it would have assumedthey would have assumed
Future in the Past Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I should/would have been assumingwe should/would have been assuming
you would have been assumingyou would have been assuming
he/she/it would have been assumingthey would have been assuming
Present Indefinite, Passive Voice
I am assumedwe are assumed
you are assumedyou are assumed
he/she/it is assumedthey are assumed
Present Continuous, Passive Voice
I am being assumedwe are being assumed
you are being assumedyou are being assumed
he/she/it is being assumedthey are being assumed
Present Perfect, Passive Voice
I have been assumedwe have been assumed
you have been assumedyou have been assumed
he/she/it has been assumedthey have been assumed
Past Indefinite, Passive Voice
I was assumedwe were assumed
you were assumedyou were assumed
he/she/it was assumedthey were assumed
Past Continuous, Passive Voice
I was being assumedwe were being assumed
you were being assumedyou were being assumed
he/she/it was being assumedthey were being assumed
Past Perfect, Passive Voice
I had been assumedwe had been assumed
you had been assumedyou had been assumed
he/she/it had been assumedthey had been assumed
Future Indefinite, Passive Voice
I shall/will be assumedwe shall/will be assumed
you will be assumedyou will be assumed
he/she/it will be assumedthey will be assumed
Future Perfect, Passive Voice
I shall/will have been assumedwe shall/will have been assumed
you will have been assumedyou will have been assumed
he/she/it will have been assumedthey will have been assumed