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Examples from texts

make such order for discovery of documents, including the mode of discovery, as it may consider necessary or desirable;
You consider jumping off the bridge, in front of the trolley, thus sacrificing yourself to save the five people in danger, but you realize that you are far too light to stop the trolley.
© Project Syndicate 1995 – 2011
© Project Syndicate 1995 – 2011
The mullahs, on the other hand, consider Musharraf an agent of the great Satan, America, and thus a traitor to Islam.
© Project Syndicate 1995 – 2011
© Project Syndicate 1995 – 2011
Likewise, consider Silicon Valley: Intel, Yahoo!, Google, and eBay were all co-founded by immigrants.
同样,看看硅谷的英特尔、雅虎、谷歌以及电子港湾 等公司都是由移民共同创办的。
© Project Syndicate 1995 – 2011
© Project Syndicate 1995 – 2011
In case the suppliers consider the procurement personnel and concerned people have a conflict of interest with them, they can petition for the avoidance of the former.
供应 商认为采购人员及相关人员与其他供应商有利害关系的,可以申请其回避。
© 中国投资指南
© Invest in China
Alternative orders to be made at hearing to consider chairman's report
To claim that Islam is incompatible with human rights is to consider it a civilization too hidebound to change.
© Project Syndicate 1995 – 2011
© Project Syndicate 1995 – 2011
to inspect the diets of the detainees and if they consider the food supplied does not conform to the recommended diet scale, report the circumstances to the Authority;
检视被羁留者的膳食,如认为所供应的食物与建议膳食标准不符,即将有关情况向主 管当局报告;
'And I consider you are insolent,' said Connie, with her colour up, panting a little.
“我订为你是个鲁莽的人!”康妮说, 脸红着, 有些气急了。
Lawrence, David Herbert / Lady Chatterley's Lover劳伦斯, 大卫 赫伯特 / 查太莱夫人的情人
劳伦斯, 大卫 赫伯特
Lady Chatterley's Lover
Lawrence, David Herbert
© Wordsworth Editions Limited 2005
consider and to advise the Authority on, the policy and programmes prepared by the Authority in respect of country parks and special areas, including proposed country parks and special areas; and
that for any other reason it would be inappropriate for a meeting of the debtor's creditors to be summoned to consider the debtor's proposal.
由于任何其他理由,召集债务人的债权人的会议以考虑该债务人的建议会是不适当 的。
On the hearing of the application, the court shall consider the evidence then available to it, and may either summarily determine the application or adjourn it, giving such directions as it thinks appropriate.
5. Both China and India are demanding concessions from the US before they will even consider caps on greenhouse-gas emissions.
© Project Syndicate 1995 – 2011
© Project Syndicate 1995 – 2011
However, over-reliance on Russia for a strategically vital commodity widens the divergence of interests between members, like Germany, that share a privileged partnership with Russia, and those, like Poland, that consider the Kremlin a threat.
© Project Syndicate 1995 – 2011
© Project Syndicate 1995 – 2011
consider the Medical Officer's recommendations for the supply of any additional bedding, or the alteration of the diet of any prisoner, or to any alteration of discipline or treatment in the case of any prisoner whose mind or body requires it.
就医生所提出的关于供应额外被铺、更改囚犯膳食,或就囚犯身心的需要而作出的更 改纪律处分或待遇建议,予以考虑。

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without considering

Word forms


Basic forms
Present Participle (Participle I)considering
Past Participle (Participle II)considered
Present Indefinite, Active Voice
I considerwe consider
you consideryou consider
he/she/it considersthey consider
Present Continuous, Active Voice
I am consideringwe are considering
you are consideringyou are considering
he/she/it is consideringthey are considering
Present Perfect, Active Voice
I have consideredwe have considered
you have consideredyou have considered
he/she/it has consideredthey have considered
Present Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I have been consideringwe have been considering
you have been consideringyou have been considering
he/she/it has been consideringthey have been considering
Past Indefinite, Active Voice
I consideredwe considered
you consideredyou considered
he/she/it consideredthey considered
Past Continuous, Active Voice
I was consideringwe were considering
you were consideringyou were considering
he/she/it was consideringthey were considering
Past Perfect, Active Voice
I had consideredwe had considered
you had consideredyou had considered
he/she/it had consideredthey had considered
Past Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I had been consideringwe had been considering
you had been consideringyou had been considering
he/she/it had been consideringthey had been considering
Future Indefinite, Active Voice
I shall/will considerwe shall/will consider
you will consideryou will consider
he/she/it will considerthey will consider
Future Continuous, Active Voice
I shall/will be consideringwe shall/will be considering
you will be consideringyou will be considering
he/she/it will be consideringthey will be considering
Future Perfect, Active Voice
I shall/will have consideredwe shall/will have considered
you will have consideredyou will have considered
he/she/it will have consideredthey will have considered
Future Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I shall/will have been consideringwe shall/will have been considering
you will have been consideringyou will have been considering
he/she/it will have been consideringthey will have been considering
Future in the Past Indefinite, Active Voice
I should/would considerwe should/would consider
you would consideryou would consider
he/she/it would considerthey would consider
Future in the Past Continuous, Active Voice
I should/would be consideringwe should/would be considering
you would be consideringyou would be considering
he/she/it would be consideringthey would be considering
Future in the Past Perfect, Active Voice
I should/would have consideredwe should/would have considered
you would have consideredyou would have considered
he/she/it would have consideredthey would have considered
Future in the Past Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I should/would have been consideringwe should/would have been considering
you would have been consideringyou would have been considering
he/she/it would have been consideringthey would have been considering
Present Indefinite, Passive Voice
I am consideredwe are considered
you are consideredyou are considered
he/she/it is consideredthey are considered
Present Continuous, Passive Voice
I am being consideredwe are being considered
you are being consideredyou are being considered
he/she/it is being consideredthey are being considered
Present Perfect, Passive Voice
I have been consideredwe have been considered
you have been consideredyou have been considered
he/she/it has been consideredthey have been considered
Past Indefinite, Passive Voice
I was consideredwe were considered
you were consideredyou were considered
he/she/it was consideredthey were considered
Past Continuous, Passive Voice
I was being consideredwe were being considered
you were being consideredyou were being considered
he/she/it was being consideredthey were being considered
Past Perfect, Passive Voice
I had been consideredwe had been considered
you had been consideredyou had been considered
he/she/it had been consideredthey had been considered
Future Indefinite, Passive Voice
I shall/will be consideredwe shall/will be considered
you will be consideredyou will be considered
he/she/it will be consideredthey will be considered
Future Perfect, Passive Voice
I shall/will have been consideredwe shall/will have been considered
you will have been consideredyou will have been considered
he/she/it will have been consideredthey will have been considered