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Олег VVanswered 2 days ago
Translation of the day (en-ru)
What I hate most is repeating myself.
Что я ненавижу больше всего, так это повторяться .


Word of the day (en-en)
A placatory remark or action is intended to make someone stop feeling angry. [FORMAL]


He raised a placatory hand. `All right, we'll see what we can do.'

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Brandon Crossadded a note 15 hours ago
Note of the day (en-en)
The Spanish language just basically gave away what many of us did back in school))) “Students” in Spanish = “Estudiantes” However, upon further inspection we can see the mysterious hidden message… Estudia = Study (which we can break down even further) Día = Day Antes = Before My fellow procrastinators out there can surely relate to this) Move over Turkish and German, there’s a new agglutinative language on the block)))
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