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Mike Ufaanswered 5 дней назад
Translation of the day (en-ru)
She might not come back soon.
Она вряд ли скоро вернётся.


Word of the day (en-en)
If someone is lucid, they are thinking clearly again after a period of illness or confusion. [FORMAL]


He wasn't very lucid, he didn't quite know where he was.

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Brandon Crossadded a note 9 часов назад
Note of the day (en-en)
Here are a few inspirational quotes for you guys out there studying German who need just a little extra motivation in your linguistic endeavors… I mean let’s face it, who doesn’t need a little pep talk when it comes to studying German, am I right?))) 1. Taten sagen mehr als Worte Literal translation: “Actions say more than words.” When it comes to studying German, in my experience, I’ve always had to take it a bit more seriously and study a bit harder due to the more complicated grammar. Before beginning German I didn’t even know what a case was, crazy, I know. However, when studying any language we need to make sure that allocate enough time to ensure that we meet all of our linguistic goals. From being able to count to 100 in flawless German, to being able to give directions and have entire conversations – you’ve got to put in WORK. 2. Der Hunger kommt beim Essen Literal translation: “Appetite emerges while eating.” Getting started is one of the hardest things to do when motivation gets low. But sometimes you just don’t feel like it – I get it. However, as is the case with me 90% of the time, just doing a little bit, even if it’s for 10 minutes usually ends up with me downloading new music in the language or discovering new and useful phrases. Then, after what was supposed to be a 10-minute express lesson, I realize that an hour has passed and I’m back on track with my daily goals – winning!) 3. Wer rastet, der rostet Literal translation: “He who rests grows rusty.” I can tell you out of personal experience that it’s not a good feeling to have studied a language for a long time, and then when game time comes you can’t deliver because you haven’t kept it up. Even those who feel they have a pretty advanced level of German can get a bit rusty due to lack of practice or linguistic promiscuity – me))) Too many linguistic undertakings can also stunt progress. So, keep up the good work and remember, you’ve chosen an amazing language that, with the right approach and mindset, can be a truly rewarding endeavor))
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