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Mike Ufaanswered 2 дня назад
Translation of the day (en-ru)
She might not come back soon.
Она вряд ли скоро вернётся.


Word of the day (en-en)
Idiomatic language uses words in a way that sounds natural to native speakers of the language.


Philippa was soon to acquire a remarkable command of idiomatic English.

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Brandon Crossadded a note 10 часов назад
Note of the day (en-en)
Back in high school, French used to be my favorite foreign language - at one ponit I even considered becoming a French teacher. However, once we began the passé composé I had a hard time remembering which verbs required 'être' as the auxiliary verb. You see, in French most verbs use the verb 'avoir', but there are 13 common verbs and numerous derivatives which take 'être'. For example, 'entrer' (to enter) is an être verb, as is its derivative 'rentrer'. Generally speaking, all of the verbs indicate a particular kind of movement, either literal or figurative. Eventually you will instinctively know which verbs take 'être', but until you do, check out this awesome mnemonic device to help you remember! (Each verb represents one letter of her name) MRS VAN DE TRAMP Monter - to climb Retourner - to return Sortir - to go out Venir - to come Aller - to go Naître - to be born Desendre - to descend Entrer - to enter Tomber - to fall Rester - to stay Arriver - to arrive Mourir - to die Partir - to leave So, hopefully this cool mnemonic device will help you in your quest to master the passé composé as it has helped me.
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