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Tatiana Gerasimenkoдобавила заметку 4 месяца назад

заметка (en-en)

Перевести хотите? 😜

Про собачку

Коллега рассказала, что дочь ей подарила собачку маленькую такую, черненькую. Редкая порода. И вот ехала она с этой собачкой в поезде и на секундочку вышла из купе в туалет, буквально на секундочку! Поезд был полупустой, и она ехала в купе одна. Дверь, естественно, закрыла. Ну, куда же может деться маленькая собачка из закрытого купе? Некуда ей деться! Когда вернулась, собачки не было. Она облазила и обыскала все купе НЕТУ! Потом заметила, в стенке с соседним купе маленькую дырку а вдруг собачка там?!

Стала ломиться в соседнее купе никто не отзывается и не открывает. Она к проводнице: так и так, собачка-собачка-собачкааааааааа! Проводница что ж она, зверь что ли? открывает дверь своим ключом... И видят они картину маслом: на столике лежит жареная курица, как положено, рядом собачка, чуть побольше жареной курицы, которая радостно эту курицу обгладывает, а напротив пассажир, хозяин курицы, в глубоком ступоре.

Можно, я заберу свою собачку? робко спросила дама.

Тут гражданин вышел из ступора, повернулся, и, взглянув на даму с собачкой глазами, полными ужаса, спросил трагическим шепотом:


Ну да, его можно понять только представьте: сидите вы, выпиваете, курицей закусываете, а тут вдруг из стены вылезает ТАКОЕ...

Бельгийский грифон порода называется!


Обсуждение (12)

Alex Wallдобавил комментарий 4 месяца назад

«Дама с собачкой» на новый лад?

Tatiana Gerasimenkoдобавила комментарий 4 месяца назад


Alex Wallдобавил комментарий 4 месяца назад

Было бы круче, если б она белочку везла, а пассажир в купе рядом бухал...

Андриолли 1добавила комментарий 4 месяца назад

Here you go. :)

My colleague told me that her daughter gifted her a dog - little and black. Rare breed. And she was traveling by train with that dog and for a second left a compartment for the toilet, literally on one second. The train was a half empty, and she was in the compartment alone. Naturally, she closed a door. Well, there have gone a little dog from the closed compartment? There's nowhere for it to go! Then she gets back, there's no dog there. The dog owner fumbled and searched all in the compartment - nothing! Then she noticed a little hole in the wall of neighbor compartment.
What if the dog all of a sudden there? She started knocking on the adjacent compartment door. Nobody is giving a response and opening. My colleague ran to a conductor: so and so, the dog was disappeared. The conductor - she's obviously not a beast- opens the door her own key...

Андриолли 1добавила комментарий 4 месяца назад

And they saw an interesting view: as it should be, there is a baked chicken on the little table, and near - the dog a little bigger than that chicken, which joyfully nibbled that one. And opposite - the passenger, the owner of chicken in his shocked state.
- Can I pick up my dog? - Asked a lady shyly.
Here, the national went from the stupor, turned and looked with eyes full of horror, asked tragically:
- What, is it a dog?
Yes, he can be understood - just imagine: you're sitting, drinking and eating a (the) chickens and suddenly this very thing comes out of the wall.

This breed is called Belgium griffon

Андриолли 1добавила комментарий 4 месяца назад

Then she got back

Андриолли 1добавила комментарий 4 месяца назад

The dog owner has fumbled and searched all the compartment - nothing! May be I used a wrong tense..

Андриолли 1добавила комментарий 4 месяца назад

Ломиться в дверь - Banging on the door

Tatiana Gerasimenkoдобавила комментарий 4 месяца назад

Doggie On The Train

This story was told to me by a co-worker whose daughter gave her a dog as a present, very small and black - rare breed. This one time she was on the train with her doggie. At one point, she needed to use the toilet, so she left her cabin/compartment just for one second - literally, for one second! The car was almost empty and she was the only person to occupy her cabin. Needless to say, she closed the door - no way a little dog like that could disappear. But when she returned, the doggie seemed to vanish into thin air. She scoured all the cabin, but she couldn't find hide nor hair. Suddenly she noticed a small hole in the wall. What if her doggie went to the next/adjacent compartment? She knocked on the door, but to no avail - it looked like it was empty. Then she called the guard for help, all the time crying "my little doggie". The guard (and whose heart wouldn't waver?) unlocked the door with her key.

Tatiana Gerasimenkoдобавила комментарий 4 месяца назад

Here, an amazing scene unfolds in front of them - there's roast chicken on the table - nothing out of the ordinary - and our doggie - a little bit bigger than the chicken itself - gleefully feasting on it. And just across them, a man who the chicken apparently belonged to, totally numb.
Can I take my dog, please? - timidly asks the woman.
The man seemed to recollect himself, turned his head and said, terror in his eyes: "Is THAT a dog?!"
Let's face it - he DID have a point. Just think - you're drinking and eating chicken, and THIS creeps out of the wall all of a sudden.
By the way, that breed's name is Belgium Griffon.

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