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Словарь Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner’s
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    (The preposition is pronounced [ɪn]. The adverb is pronounced [ɪ̱n].)

    1. PREP Someone or something that is in something else is enclosed by it or surrounded by it. If you put something in a container, you move it so that it is enclosed by the container.

    2. PREP If something happens in a place, it happens there.

    3. ADV: be ADV If you are in, you are present at your home or place of work.

    4. ADV: ADV after v When someone comes in, they enter a room or building.

    5. ADV: ADV after v, be ADV If a train, boat, or plane has come in or is in, it has arrived at a station, port, or airport.

    6. ADV: ADV after v, be ADV When the sea or tide comes in, the sea moves towards the shore rather than away from it.

    7. PREP Something that is in a window, especially a shop window, is just behind the window so that you can see it from outside.

    8. PREP When you see something in a mirror, the mirror shows an image of it.

    9. PREP: oft -ed PREP n If you are dressed in a piece of clothing, you are wearing it.

    10. PREP: oft -ed PREP n Something that is covered or wrapped in something else has that thing over or round its surface.

    11. PREP If there is something such as a crack or hole in something, there is a crack or hole on its surface.

  2. [ɪn]


    1. PREP If something is in a book, film, play, or picture, you can read it or see it there.

    2. PREP If you are in something such as a play or a race, you are one of the people taking part.

    3. PREP Something that is in a group or collection is a member of it or part of it.

    4. PREP You use in to specify a general subject or field of activity.

  3. [ɪn]


    1. PREP If something happens in a particular year, month, or other period of time, it happens during that time.

    2. PREP If something happens in a particular situation, it happens while that situation is going on.

    3. PREP: PREP amount If you do something in a particular period of time, that is how long it takes you to do it.

    4. PREP: PREP amount If something will happen in a particular length of time, it will happen after that length of time.

    5. PREP: PREP poss pl-num You use in to indicate roughly how old someone is. For example, if someone is in their fifties, they are between 50 and 59 years old.

    6. PREP: oft PREP num You use in to indicate roughly how many people or things do something.

    7. PREP: num PREP num You use in to express a ratio, proportion, or probability.

  4. [ɪn]


    1. PREP: v-link PREP n If something or someone is in a particular state or situation, that is their present state or situation.

    2. PREP You use in to indicate the feeling or desire which someone has when they do something, or which causes them to do it.

    3. PREP: oft PREP pron to-inf If a particular quality or ability is in you, you naturally have it.

    4. PREP You use in when saying that someone or something has a particular quality.

    5. PREP You use in to indicate how someone is expressing something.

    6. PREP You use in in expressions such as in a row or in a ball to describe the arrangement or shape of something.

    7. PREP: oft -ed PREP colour If something is in a particular colour, it has that colour.

    8. PREP You use in to specify which feature or aspect of something you are talking about.



    (Pronounced [ɪ̱n] for meanings 1 and 3 to 7, and [ɪn] for meaning 2.)

    1. ADJ If you say that something is in, or is the in thing, you mean it is fashionable or popular. [INFORMAL]

    2. PREP: PREP -ing You use in with a present participle to indicate that when you do something, something else happens as a result.

    3. PHRASE: V inflects, PHR n If you say that someone is in for a shock or a surprise, you mean that they are going to experience it.

    4. PHRASE: V inflects, PHR n If someone has it in for you, they dislike you and try to cause problems for you. [INFORMAL]

    5. PHR-PREP: v-link PREP n, v n PREP n If you are in on something, you are involved in it or know about it.

    6. PHRASE: PHR n If you are in with a person or group, they like you and accept you, and are likely to help you. [INFORMAL]

    7. PHR-CONJ-SUBORD You use in that to introduce an explanation of a statement you have just made.

    8. PHRASE: usu the PHR of n/-ing The ins and outs of a situation are all the detailed points and facts about it.

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The preposition is pronounced. The adverb is pronounced.

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Common caseinins
Possessive casein'sins'


Common caseinin, ins
Possessive casein'sins', *in's