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  1. [a͟ʊt]


    (Out is often used with verbs of movement, such as `walk' and `pull', and also in phrasal verbs such as `give out' and `run out'.)

    1. ADV: ADV after v When something is in a particular place and you take it out, you remove it from that place.

    2. ADV: ADV after v You can use out to indicate that you are talking about the situation outside, rather than inside buildings.

    3. ADV: be ADV, ADV after v If you are out, you are not at home or not at your usual place of work.

    4. ADV: ADV adv/prep If you say that someone is out in a particular place, you mean that they are in a different place, usually one far away.

    5. ADV: ADV after v, be ADV When the sea or tide goes out, the sea moves away from the shore.

    6. ADV: ADV n If you are out a particular amount of money, you have that amount less than you should or than you did. [mainly AM]

  2. [a͟ʊt]


    1. ADJ: v-link ADJ If a light or fire is out or goes out, it is no longer shining or burning.

    2. ADJ: v-link ADJ If flowers are out, their petals have opened.

      ADV: ADV after v

      • Out is also an adverb. I usually put it in my diary when I see the wild flowers coming out.
    3. ADJ: v-link ADJ If something such as a book or record is out, it is available for people to buy.

      ADV: ADV after v

      • Out is also an adverb. The French edition came out in early 1992.
    4. ADJ: v-link ADJ If workers are out, they are on strike. [INFORMAL]

      ADV: ADV after v

      • Out is also an adverb. In June last year, 26 people came out on strike protesting against a compulsory 65-hour week.
    5. ADJ: v-link ADJ In a game or sport, if someone is out, they can no longer take part either because they are unable to or because they have been defeated.

    6. ADJ: usu v-link ADJ In baseball, a player is out if they do not reach a base safely. When three players in a team are out in an inning, then the team is out.

    7. ADJ: v-link ADJ If you say that a proposal or suggestion is out, you mean that it is unacceptable.

    8. ADJ: v-link ADJ If you say that a particular thing is out, you mean that it is no longer fashionable at the present time.

    9. ADJ-GRADED: v-link ADJ, oft amount ADJ If you say that a calculation or measurement is out, you mean that it is incorrect.

    10. ADJ: v-link ADJ to-inf If someone is out to do something, they intend to do it. [INFORMAL]

  3. [a͟ʊt]


    outs, outing, outed


    If a group of people out a public figure or famous person, they reveal that person's homosexuality against their wishes.


    (Out of is used with verbs of movement, such as `walk' and `pull', and also in phrasal verbs such as `do out of' and `grow out of'. In American English and informal British English, out is often used instead of out of.)

    1. PHR-PREP If you go out of a place, you leave it.

    2. PHR-PREP If you take something out of the container or place where it has been, you remove it so that it is no longer there.

    3. PHR-PREP If you look or shout out of a window, you look or shout away from the room where you are towards the outside.

    4. PHR-PREP If you are out of the sun, the rain, or the wind, you are sheltered from it.

    5. PHR-PREP If someone or something gets out of a situation, especially an unpleasant one, they are then no longer in it. If they keep out of it, they do not start being in it.

    6. PHR-PREP You can use out of to say that someone leaves an institution.

    7. PHR-PREP If you are out of range of something, you are beyond the limits of that range.

    8. PHR-PREP You use out of to say what feeling or reason causes someone to do something. For example, if you do something out of pity, you do it because you pity someone.

    9. PHR-PREP If you get something such as information or work out of someone, you manage to make them give it to you, usually when they are unwilling to give it.

    10. PHR-PREP If you get pleasure or an advantage out of something, you get it as a result of being involved with that thing or making use of it.

    11. PHR-PREP If you are out of something, you no longer have any of it.

    12. PHR-PREP If something is made out of a particular material, it consists of that material because it has been formed or constructed from it.

    13. PHR-PREP: num PREP num You use out of to indicate what proportion of a group of things something is true of. For example, if something is true of one out of five things, it is true of one fifth of all things of that kind.

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a͟ʊtOut is often used with verbs of movement, such as `walk' and `pull', and also in phrasal verbs such as `give out' and `run out'.

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