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[ə'kɔst] брит. / амер.



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приставать, заговаривать

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Examples from texts

Not one of the customers at Muller's could make up his mind to address him, nor did he accost any of them.
Никто никогда не решался с ним говорить из посетителей кондитерской, и он сам ни с кем из них не заговаривал.
Dostoevsky, Fyodor / The Insulted and InjuredДостоевский, Фёдор / Униженные и оскорблённые
Униженные и оскорблённые
Достоевский, Фёдор
© "Государственное издательство художественной литературы", 1955
The Insulted and Injured
Dostoevsky, Fyodor
At length the boy thought he was on the point of succeeding when the Earl came down to the lower part of the hall; but just as he was about to accost him, he was prevented by Tressilian.
Когда граф во время представления смешался с толпой зрителей, Дикки наконец решил, что ему улыбнулось счастье, но Тресилиан опередил мальчика, когда тот уже было собрался заговорить с Лестером.
Scott, Walter / KenilworthСкотт, Вальтер / Кенилворт
Скотт, Вальтер
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1963
Scott, Walter
© BiblioLife, LLC
Jerry, the manager of these dancing dogs, was a tall black- whiskered man in a velveteen coat, who seemed well known to the landlord and his guests and accosted them with great cordiality.
Дрессировщик танцующих собак, Джерри, высокий детина с черными как смоль бакенбардами, в плисовом пиджаке, был, по-видимому, хорошо известен трактирчику и обоим кукольникам, так как они поздоровались с ним весьма сердечно.
Dickens, Charles / The Old Curiosity ShopДиккенс, Чарльз / Лавка древностей
Лавка древностей
Диккенс, Чарльз
© Издательство "Правда", 1989
The Old Curiosity Shop
Dickens, Charles
© Wordsworth Editions Limited 1995
Turning back I accosted Captain Peleg, inquiring where Captain Ahab was to be found.
Я повернул назад и, окликнув капитана Фалека, спросил, где мне найти капитана Ахава.
Melville, Herman / Moby Dick Or The WhaleМелвилл, Герман / Моби Дик, или Белый Кит
Моби Дик, или Белый Кит
Мелвилл, Герман
© Издательство «Художественная литература», 1981
Moby Dick Or The Whale
Melville, Herman
© Northwestern University Press and The Newberry Library, 1988
'My man is in the right,' said Mr. Pickwick, accosting Job, 'although his mode of expressing his opinion is somewhat homely, and occasionally incomprehensible.'
— Мой слуга по-своему прав, — сказал мистер Пиквик, обращаясь к Джобу, — хотя его манера выражать свое мнение грубовата, а иной раз непонятна.
Dickens, Charles / The Pickwick PapersДиккенс, Чарльз / Посмертные записки Пиквикского Клуба
Посмертные записки Пиквикского Клуба
Диккенс, Чарльз
© ООО "Издательство Астрель", 2010
The Pickwick Papers
Dickens, Charles
© Wordsworth Editions Limited 1993
One man I approached – he was, I perceived, a neighbour of mine, though I did not know his name – and accosted.
Я подошел к одному - это был мой сосед, я не знал, как его зовут, но попытался с ним заговорить.
Wells, Herbert George / The War of the WorldsУэллс, Герберт Джордж / Война миров
Война миров
Уэллс, Герберт Джордж
The War of the Worlds
Wells, Herbert George
Now I have heard that this man who accosted Hannah was seen speaking to you two weeks ago.
Теперь — что человека, который приставал к Ханне, видели с тобой две недели назад.
Liss, David / The Coffee TraderЛисс, Дэвид / Торговец кофе
Торговец кофе
Лисс, Дэвид
© И. Нелюбова, перевод, 2008
© Издательский дом "Азбука-классика", 2008
© 2003 by David Liss
The Coffee Trader
Liss, David
© 2003 by David Liss
When Don and his friends left the theater, they were accosted by humanoid whores, who offered them eggs and oranges and milk and butter and peanuts and so on.
Когда Дон с приятелями вышли из кино, к ним стали приставать гуманоидные проститутки и предлагать им и апельсины, и яйца, и молоко, и масло, и орехи.
Vonnegut, Kurt / Breakfast of ChampionsВоннегут, Курт / Завтрак для чемпионов
Завтрак для чемпионов
Воннегут, Курт
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1978
Breakfast of Champions
Vonnegut, Kurt
© 1973 by Kurt Vonnegut
I made no such formidable a figure as that a man should flee when I accosted him; and my conscience not being entirely clear, I was more accustomed to be uneasy myself than to see others timid.
Я с виду отнюдь не столь грозен, чтобы пускаться от меня наутек; к тому же совесть моя была не вовсе чиста, я скорее привык сам остерегаться, нежели видеть, как робеют предо мной.
Stevenson, Robert Louis / St. IvesСтивенсон, Роберт Луис / Сент Ив
Сент Ив
Стивенсон, Роберт Луис
© Издательство "Правда", 1967
St. Ives
Stevenson, Robert Louis
© BiblioBazaar, LLC
'A pair of queer travellers to be walking all night,' observed the man who had first accosted them.
— Нечего сказать, подходящее для вас занятие странствовать по ночам!
Dickens, Charles / The Old Curiosity ShopДиккенс, Чарльз / Лавка древностей
Лавка древностей
Диккенс, Чарльз
© Издательство "Правда", 1989
The Old Curiosity Shop
Dickens, Charles
© Wordsworth Editions Limited 1995
They went up the stepped platforms to the swiftest one, and there Asano accosted a labourer. The answers to his questions were in the thick, vulgar speech.
Они поднялись на быстроходную платформу, и Асано заговорил с одним рабочим, который ответил ему на грубом простонародном наречии.
Wells, Herbert George / When the Sleeper WakesУэллс, Герберт / Когда спящий проснется
Когда спящий проснется
Уэллс, Герберт
© Издательство "Правда", 1964
When the Sleeper Wakes
Wells, Herbert George
© 2009 by IAP. Las Vegas. Nevada. USA.
The old man crawled out at their approach and still on all-fours accosted Bert and Laurier.
При их приближении старик выполз из-под автомобиля и, все еще стоя на четвереньках, заговорил с ними.
Wells, Herbert George / The war in the airУэллс, Герберт / Война в воздухе
Война в воздухе
Уэллс, Герберт
© Издательство "Правда", 1964
The war in the air
Wells, Herbert George
© the Literary Executors of the Estate of H. G. Wells
As he jumped out of the carriage and was almost on the point of entering the train, Rogojin accosted a young girl standing on the platform and wearing an old-fashioned, but respectable-looking, black cloak and a silk handkerchief over her head.
Выйдя из кареты Рогожин, почти садясь на машину, успел еще остановить одну проходившую девушку в старенькой, но приличной темной мантильке и в фуляровом платочке, накинутом на голову.
Dostoevsky, Fyodor / IdiotДостоевский, Фёдор / Идиот
Достоевский, Фёдор
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1971
Dostoevsky, Fyodor
© 2004 by Fine Creative Media, Inc.
Immediately he accosted them, presented his compliments, and invited them to his inn to eat some macaroni, with Lombard partridges, and caviare, and to drink some Montepulciano, Lachrymae Christi, Cyprus and Samos wine.
Тотчас же он подходит к ним, любезно приветствует и приглашает их зайти в гостиницу откушать макарон, ломбардских куропаток, осетровой икры, выпить вина "Монтепульчано", "Лакрима-Кристи", кипрского и самосского.
Voltaire / CandideВольтер / Кандид
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1965
© 1918 by BONI & LIVERIGHT, INC.
I quickly followed suit, and descending into the bar-room accosted the grinning landlord very pleasantly.
Я сразу же последовал за ним и, спустившись в буфетную, вполне дружелюбно приветствовал ухмыляющегося хозяина.
Melville, Herman / Moby Dick Or The WhaleМелвилл, Герман / Моби Дик, или Белый Кит
Моби Дик, или Белый Кит
Мелвилл, Герман
© Издательство «Художественная литература», 1981
Moby Dick Or The Whale
Melville, Herman
© Northwestern University Press and The Newberry Library, 1988

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I went up to the policeman and complained that this man had accosted me in the street. — Я подошёл к полицейскому и пожаловался, что этот человек приставал ко мне на улице.

User translations


  1. 1.

    приветствие, обращение

    translation added by Julie Bereza

Word forms


Common caseaccost*accosts
Possessive case*accost's*accosts'


Basic forms
Present Participle (Participle I)accosting
Past Participle (Participle II)accosted
Present Indefinite, Active Voice
I accostwe accost
you accostyou accost
he/she/it accoststhey accost
Present Continuous, Active Voice
I am accostingwe are accosting
you are accostingyou are accosting
he/she/it is accostingthey are accosting
Present Perfect, Active Voice
I have accostedwe have accosted
you have accostedyou have accosted
he/she/it has accostedthey have accosted
Present Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I have been accostingwe have been accosting
you have been accostingyou have been accosting
he/she/it has been accostingthey have been accosting
Past Indefinite, Active Voice
I accostedwe accosted
you accostedyou accosted
he/she/it accostedthey accosted
Past Continuous, Active Voice
I was accostingwe were accosting
you were accostingyou were accosting
he/she/it was accostingthey were accosting
Past Perfect, Active Voice
I had accostedwe had accosted
you had accostedyou had accosted
he/she/it had accostedthey had accosted
Past Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I had been accostingwe had been accosting
you had been accostingyou had been accosting
he/she/it had been accostingthey had been accosting
Future Indefinite, Active Voice
I shall/will accostwe shall/will accost
you will accostyou will accost
he/she/it will accostthey will accost
Future Continuous, Active Voice
I shall/will be accostingwe shall/will be accosting
you will be accostingyou will be accosting
he/she/it will be accostingthey will be accosting
Future Perfect, Active Voice
I shall/will have accostedwe shall/will have accosted
you will have accostedyou will have accosted
he/she/it will have accostedthey will have accosted
Future Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I shall/will have been accostingwe shall/will have been accosting
you will have been accostingyou will have been accosting
he/she/it will have been accostingthey will have been accosting
Future in the Past Indefinite, Active Voice
I should/would accostwe should/would accost
you would accostyou would accost
he/she/it would accostthey would accost
Future in the Past Continuous, Active Voice
I should/would be accostingwe should/would be accosting
you would be accostingyou would be accosting
he/she/it would be accostingthey would be accosting
Future in the Past Perfect, Active Voice
I should/would have accostedwe should/would have accosted
you would have accostedyou would have accosted
he/she/it would have accostedthey would have accosted
Future in the Past Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I should/would have been accostingwe should/would have been accosting
you would have been accostingyou would have been accosting
he/she/it would have been accostingthey would have been accosting
Present Indefinite, Passive Voice
I am accostedwe are accosted
you are accostedyou are accosted
he/she/it is accostedthey are accosted
Present Continuous, Passive Voice
I am being accostedwe are being accosted
you are being accostedyou are being accosted
he/she/it is being accostedthey are being accosted
Present Perfect, Passive Voice
I have been accostedwe have been accosted
you have been accostedyou have been accosted
he/she/it has been accostedthey have been accosted
Past Indefinite, Passive Voice
I was accostedwe were accosted
you were accostedyou were accosted
he/she/it was accostedthey were accosted
Past Continuous, Passive Voice
I was being accostedwe were being accosted
you were being accostedyou were being accosted
he/she/it was being accostedthey were being accosted
Past Perfect, Passive Voice
I had been accostedwe had been accosted
you had been accostedyou had been accosted
he/she/it had been accostedthey had been accosted
Future Indefinite, Passive Voice
I shall/will be accostedwe shall/will be accosted
you will be accostedyou will be accosted
he/she/it will be accostedthey will be accosted
Future Perfect, Passive Voice
I shall/will have been accostedwe shall/will have been accosted
you will have been accostedyou will have been accosted
he/she/it will have been accostedthey will have been accosted