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  • a caesarean (section) — кесарево сечение
  • their first baby was born by caesarean — при первых родах ей делали кесарево сечение

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Examples from texts

obstetrical interventions, including pre-labour caesarean section (plcs); and
акушерские вмешательства, включая плановое кесарево сечение (ПКС);
© World Health Organization
number of Hiv-infected pregnant women who had a planned caesarean section
число ВИЧ-инфицированных беременных, у которых выполнено кесарево сечение;
© World Health Organization
In fact, she quite literally had her work cut out for her: the child was delivered by the technique known on Earth as Caesarean section.
Рождение произошло при помощи операции, известной на Земле как кесарево сечение.
Мир Спока
Дуэйн, Диана
Spock's World
Duane, Diane
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Duane, Diane / Spock's WorldДуэйн, Диана / Мир Спока


caesarean section
кесарево сечение
elective caesarean section
плановое кесарево сечение
emergency caesarean section
экстренное кесарево сечение
Caesarean section
кесарево сечение

Word forms


Common casecaesareancaesareans
Possessive casecaesarean'scaesareans'