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[fɔːn] брит. / амер.

    1. сущ.

      1. молодой олень (до одного года)

      2. уст. детёныш (зверя)

      3. желтовато-коричневый цвет (цвет оленя, лани)

    2. прил.


    3. гл.

      телиться, рождать телёнка (о самке оленя)

  1. гл.

    1. ласкаться; вилять хвостом (о животных, особенно о собаке)

    2. (fawn on / upon / over) подлизываться к (кому-л.), прислуживаться к (кому-л.), лебезить перед (кем-л.)

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  1. молодой олень

  2. желтовато-коричневый цвет

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Examples from texts

A week later, in a different field, Drizzt placed one hand on the rump of a doe, the other on the rump of its speckle-coated fawn.
Неделю спустя, уже на другом поле, ему удалось одной рукой дотронуться до лани, а другой рукой похлопать по заду ее пятнистого друга.
Salvatore, Robert / SojournСальваторе, Роберт / Воин
Сальваторе, Роберт
© ИЦ "Максима", 2007
© 1990 Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
© В. Иванов, перевод, 2002
Salvatore, Robert
© 1991 TSR, Inc.
'So Master Fox is beginning to fawn?
– Ну, Лиса Патрикевна, пошла хвостом вилять!..
Turgenev, I.S. / A Sportsman's Sketches v.1Тургенев, И.С. / Записки охотника т.1
Записки охотника т.1
Тургенев, И.С.
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1975
A Sportsman's Sketches v.1
Turgenev, I.S.
© 2006 BiblioBazaar
"Go," whispered Joliffe, approaching his mouth so near her cheek, that his breath waved the curls of her hair; "go, my dearest Phoebe, trip it as fast as a fawn down to my lodge - I will soon be there, and" -
— Ступай, милая Фиби, — зашептал Джолиф, так приблизив губы к ее щеке, что завитки ее волос зашевелились от его дыхания, — беги быстрее лани ко мне в хижину.., я скоро приду.., и…
Scott, Walter / WoodstockСкотт, Вальтер / Вудсток
Скотт, Вальтер
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1965
Scott, Walter
© BiblioBazaar, LLC
My part is taken - I'll fawn on no man for an inheritance which should be mine by birth."
Я избрал свой жребий и не собираюсь никому прислуживать ради наследства, которое должно быть моим по праву рождения.
Scott, Walter / The AntiquaryСкотт, Вальтер / Антикварий
Скотт, Вальтер
© Художественная литература, 1960
The Antiquary
Scott, Walter
© 2007 BiblioBazaar
"So, we'll have a new little sister to fawn and fret over.
- А то. Появилась еще одна сестричка, с которой мы будем нянчиться.
Mead, Richelle / Succubus DreamsМид, Райчел / Сны суккуба
Сны суккуба
Мид, Райчел
© И. Шаргородская, перевод на русский язык, 2010
© Издание на русском языке, ООО "Издательство"Эксмо", 2010
© 2008 by Richelle Mead
Succubus Dreams
Mead, Richelle
© 2008 by Richelle Mead
Koroviev pointed at the fat man in the fawn coat, who exhibited violent alarm. ' Who is he?
А? — и тут Коровьев указал на сиреневого толстяка, отчего у того на лице выразилась сильнейшая тревога, — кто он такой?
Bulgakov, Michail / The Master and MargaritaБулгаков, Михаил / Мастер и Маргарита
Мастер и Маргарита
Булгаков, Михаил
© "Мурманское книжное издательство", 1990
The Master and Margarita
Bulgakov, Michail
© Translated from the russian by Michael Glenny
© 1967 Collins and Harvill Press, London
© 1967 in the English translation
Some were naked and carrying their clothes; others half-naked, or more or less dressed, in school uniforms, grey, blue, fawn, jacketed or jerseyed.
Кое-кто был голый – те держали одежду под мышкой, кто-то был полуодет, другие даже одеты, в школьных формах, серых, синих, коричневых – кто в свитерке, кто в курточке.
Golding, William / Lord of the fliesГолдинг, Уильям / Повелитель мух
Повелитель мух
Голдинг, Уильям
© Е. Суриц, перевод, 1981
© "Азбука-классика", 2005
Lord of the flies
Golding, William
© 1954 by William Golding
He's devoted to his country - not like our empty patriots who fawn on the people; pour into us, they say, thou living water!
Он с своею землею связан - не то что наши пустые сосуды, которые ластятся к народу: влейся, мол, в нас, живая вода!
Turgenev, I.S. / On the eveТургенев, И.С. / Накануне
Тургенев, И.С.
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1976
On the eve
Turgenev, I.S.
© 1st World Library, 2008
Contrary to legend - and there are so many legends about wolves, although mostly they are legends about the way men think about wolves - a trapped wolf is more likely to whine and fawn than go wild with rage.
О волках существует великое множество легенд, хотя большинство из них является легендами о том, что люди думают о волках. Так вот, вопреки этим легендам загнанный волк скорее будет выть и вилять хвостом, чем беситься от ярости.
Pratchett, Terry / Fifth ElephantПратчетт,Терри / Пятый элефант
Пятый элефант
© Перевод Н. Берденников, А. Жикаренцев, 2007
© Издание на русском языке, оформление ООО «Издательство «Эксмо», 2007
© Terry and Lyn Pratchett, 1999
Fifth Elephant
Pratchett, Terry
© 2000 by Terry and Lyn Pratchett
With a faster startup and shut down and integration of TomBoy and F-Spot, Ubuntu Edgy became a small stepping stone between Dapper and the upcoming Feisty Fawn 7.04.
С ускоренной загрузкой и выключением, а также интеграцией TomBoy и F-spot, Ubuntu Edgy стала шагом от Dapper к будущей Feisty Fawn 7.04.
He was pale and unhealthy and miserable and fawning, and an assiduous borrower of sums ranging from twenty-five cents to a dollar.
У него был болезненный, жалкий, заискивающий вид, и он постоянно занимал деньги в сумме от двадцати пяти центов до одного доллара.
O.Henry / No storyГенри, О. / No story
No story
Генри, О.
© "РИЦЛитература", 2010
No story
© Guy Davenport, 1993
She smiled to fascinate me, she fawned upon me; I was sorry, but I began to feel repulsion.
Она улыбается, чтоб пленить меня, она ластится ко мне; мне жалко, но я начинаю чувствовать отвращение.
Dostoevsky, Fyodor / A Raw YouthДостоевский, Фёдор / Подросток
Достоевский, Фёдор
© Издательство "Советская Россия", 1979
A Raw Youth
Dostoevsky, Fyodor
Besides he fawned upon Pyotr Stepanovitch in a slavish way, and he, in his turn, had obtained by this time a strange and unaccountable influence over Yulia Mihailovna.
К тому же он раболепно заискивал у Петра Степановича, который в свою очередь приобрел к тому времени уже до странности сильное влияние на Юлию Михайловну...
Dostoevsky, Fyodor / The possessedДостоевский, Фёдор / Бесы
Достоевский, Фёдор
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1989
The possessed
Dostoevsky, Fyodor
The great author trembled nervously before the revolutionary youth of Russia, and imagining, in his ignorance, that the future lay in their hands, fawned upon them in a despicable way, chiefly because they paid no attention to him whatever.
Великий писатель болезненно трепетал пред новейшею революционною молодежью и, воображая, по незнанию дела, что в руках ее ключи русской будущности, унизительно к ним подлизывался, главное потому что они не обращали на него никакого внимания.
Dostoevsky, Fyodor / The possessedДостоевский, Фёдор / Бесы
Достоевский, Фёдор
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1989
The possessed
Dostoevsky, Fyodor
The count long continued to give balls, and to walk about with an affable smile among the crowd of fawning guests; but his property, unluckily, was not enough to last his whole life.
Долго пировал граф, долго расхаживал, приветливо улыбаясь, в толпе подобострастных гостей; но именья его, к несчастью, не хватило на целую жизнь.
Turgenev, I.S. / A Sportsman's Sketches v.1Тургенев, И.С. / Записки охотника т.1
Записки охотника т.1
Тургенев, И.С.
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1975
A Sportsman's Sketches v.1
Turgenev, I.S.
© 2006 BiblioBazaar

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fɔːnNounмолодой олень

User translations

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  1. 1.


    translation added by Талгат Мырзаханов
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begin to fawn

Word forms


Common casefawnfawns
Possessive casefawn'sfawns'


Basic forms
Present Participle (Participle I)fawning
Past Participle (Participle II)fawned
Present Indefinite, Active Voice
I fawnwe fawn
you fawnyou fawn
he/she/it fawnsthey fawn
Present Continuous, Active Voice
I am fawningwe are fawning
you are fawningyou are fawning
he/she/it is fawningthey are fawning
Present Perfect, Active Voice
I have fawnedwe have fawned
you have fawnedyou have fawned
he/she/it has fawnedthey have fawned
Present Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I have been fawningwe have been fawning
you have been fawningyou have been fawning
he/she/it has been fawningthey have been fawning
Past Indefinite, Active Voice
I fawnedwe fawned
you fawnedyou fawned
he/she/it fawnedthey fawned
Past Continuous, Active Voice
I was fawningwe were fawning
you were fawningyou were fawning
he/she/it was fawningthey were fawning
Past Perfect, Active Voice
I had fawnedwe had fawned
you had fawnedyou had fawned
he/she/it had fawnedthey had fawned
Past Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I had been fawningwe had been fawning
you had been fawningyou had been fawning
he/she/it had been fawningthey had been fawning
Future Indefinite, Active Voice
I shall/will fawnwe shall/will fawn
you will fawnyou will fawn
he/she/it will fawnthey will fawn
Future Continuous, Active Voice
I shall/will be fawningwe shall/will be fawning
you will be fawningyou will be fawning
he/she/it will be fawningthey will be fawning
Future Perfect, Active Voice
I shall/will have fawnedwe shall/will have fawned
you will have fawnedyou will have fawned
he/she/it will have fawnedthey will have fawned
Future Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I shall/will have been fawningwe shall/will have been fawning
you will have been fawningyou will have been fawning
he/she/it will have been fawningthey will have been fawning
Future in the Past Indefinite, Active Voice
I should/would fawnwe should/would fawn
you would fawnyou would fawn
he/she/it would fawnthey would fawn
Future in the Past Continuous, Active Voice
I should/would be fawningwe should/would be fawning
you would be fawningyou would be fawning
he/she/it would be fawningthey would be fawning
Future in the Past Perfect, Active Voice
I should/would have fawnedwe should/would have fawned
you would have fawnedyou would have fawned
he/she/it would have fawnedthey would have fawned
Future in the Past Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I should/would have been fawningwe should/would have been fawning
you would have been fawningyou would have been fawning
he/she/it would have been fawningthey would have been fawning
Present Indefinite, Passive Voice
I am fawnedwe are fawned
you are fawnedyou are fawned
he/she/it is fawnedthey are fawned
Present Continuous, Passive Voice
I am being fawnedwe are being fawned
you are being fawnedyou are being fawned
he/she/it is being fawnedthey are being fawned
Present Perfect, Passive Voice
I have been fawnedwe have been fawned
you have been fawnedyou have been fawned
he/she/it has been fawnedthey have been fawned
Past Indefinite, Passive Voice
I was fawnedwe were fawned
you were fawnedyou were fawned
he/she/it was fawnedthey were fawned
Past Continuous, Passive Voice
I was being fawnedwe were being fawned
you were being fawnedyou were being fawned
he/she/it was being fawnedthey were being fawned
Past Perfect, Passive Voice
I had been fawnedwe had been fawned
you had been fawnedyou had been fawned
he/she/it had been fawnedthey had been fawned
Future Indefinite, Passive Voice
I shall/will be fawnedwe shall/will be fawned
you will be fawnedyou will be fawned
he/she/it will be fawnedthey will be fawned
Future Perfect, Passive Voice
I shall/will have been fawnedwe shall/will have been fawned
you will have been fawnedyou will have been fawned
he/she/it will have been fawnedthey will have been fawned