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[nəun] брит. / амер.

  1. прич. прош. вр. от know

  2. прил.


Learning (En-Ru)



  1. p. p. от know

  2. adj


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Examples from texts

And if Krassotkin, who had no suspicion of it, had known what a disastrous and fatal effect such a moment might have on the sick child's health, nothing would have induced him to play such a trick on him.
И если бы только знал не подозревавший ничего Красоткин, как мучительно и убийственно могла влиять такая минута на здоровье больного мальчика, то ни за что бы не решился выкинуть такую штуку, какую выкинул.
Dostoevsky, Fyodor / The brothers KaramazovДостоевский, Фёдор / Братья Карамазовы
Братья Карамазовы
Достоевский, Фёдор
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1988
The brothers Karamazov
Dostoevsky, Fyodor
But I sure didn’t own a single stitch of it, and I wouldn’t have known what to do with it if the entire contents of all three stores resided in my miniature closet.
Но у меня не было ни единой шмотки ни от кого из них, а если бы даже творения всех троих вдруг оказались в моем миниатюрном стенном шкафчике, я все равно не знала бы, что с ними делать.
Weisberger, Lauren / Devil Wears PradaВайсбергер, Лорен / Дьявол носит "Prada"
Дьявол носит "Prada"
Вайсбергер, Лорен
© Lauren Weisberger, 2002
© 2006 Fox "Devil Wears Prada" TM © All Rights Reserved
© ООО Издательство "АСТ МОСКВА", 2009
Devil Wears Prada
Weisberger, Lauren
© 2003 by Lauren Weisberger
Fresh he had remained, for all his foreign tour; the disturbing emotions in which the greater part of the young people of that day were tempest-tossed were very little known to him.
Свежим он остался, несмотря на заграничную поездку: тревожные чувства, обуревавшие лучшую часть тогдашней молодежи, были ему мало известны.
Turgenev, I.S. / The Torrents of SpringТургенев, И.С. / Вешние воды
Вешние воды
Тургенев, И.С.
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1978
The Torrents of Spring
Turgenev, I.S.
© BiblioBazaar, LLC
Zoya was sitting by her, the folds of her skirt arranged precisely about her, and her little hands clasped on her knees. Uvar Ivanovitch was reposing in the attic on a wide and comfortable divan, known as a 'samo-son' or 'dozer."
Зоя сидела возле нее, аккуратно расправив юбку и сложив на коленях ручки Увар Иванович почивал в мезонине на широком и удобном диване, получившем прозвище "Самосон".
Turgenev, I.S. / On the eveТургенев, И.С. / Накануне
Тургенев, И.С.
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1976
On the eve
Turgenev, I.S.
© 1st World Library, 2008
“Ah, Nikolay Vsyevolodovitch, so much has been fermenting in this heart that I have not known how to wait for your coming.
Ах, Николай Всеволодович, в этом сердце накипело столько, что я не знал, как вас и дождаться!
Dostoevsky, Fyodor / The possessedДостоевский, Фёдор / Бесы
Достоевский, Фёдор
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1989
The possessed
Dostoevsky, Fyodor
The stock levels at the beginning and end of the reporting period are known as the opening stock and closing stock respectively.
Уровни запасов в начале и конце отчетного периода называются соответственно значением запасов на начало периода и значением запасов на конец периода.
© 2010 OECD/IEA
© 2010 OECD/IEA
It is now well known that three Shpigulin men really did have a share in setting fire to the town, but that was all; all the other factory hands were completely acquitted, not only officially but also by public opinion.
Теперь уже слишком хорошо известно, что и в самом деле трое Шпигулинских участвовали в поджоге, но - и только; все остальные с фабрики совершенно оправданы и общим мнением, и официально.
Dostoevsky, Fyodor / The possessedДостоевский, Фёдор / Бесы
Достоевский, Фёдор
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1989
The possessed
Dostoevsky, Fyodor
Then the opposing men would make themselves known and raise their fists to the offenders.
Тогда на них в свою очередь набрасывались с кулаками представители противоположного лагеря.
Liss, David / A Spectacle Of CorruptionЛисс, Дэвид / Ярмарка коррупции
Ярмарка коррупции
Лисс, Дэвид
© И. Нелюбова, перевод, 2007
© Издательский дом "Азбука-классика", 2007
© 2004 by David Liss
A Spectacle Of Corruption
Liss, David
© 2004 by David Liss
Coming after the Blomberg affair, of which no precise details were as yet known, it caused anxiety.
После дела Бломберга, о котором никто еще не знал ничего конкретного, это дело вызвало беспокойство.
Delarue, Jacques / The Gestapo: A History of HorrorДеларю, Жак / История гестапо
История гестапо
Деларю, Жак
© Перевод на русский язык Издательская группа «Прогресс» 1992
© 1962, «Fayard»
The Gestapo: A History of Horror
Delarue, Jacques
© Pen & Sword Books Ltd, 2008
©Jacques Delarue, 2008
For this purpose she sent Pyotr Stepanovitch to him in the hope that he would relieve his depression by some means of consolation best known to himself, perhaps by giving him some information, so to speak, first hand.
С этою целию она командировала к нему Петра Степановича, в надежде повлиять на его уныние каким-нибудь ему известным, успокоительным способом, может быть даже какими-нибудь сообщениями так сказать пряма из первых уст.
Dostoevsky, Fyodor / The possessedДостоевский, Фёдор / Бесы
Достоевский, Фёдор
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1989
The possessed
Dostoevsky, Fyodor
In addition, they have been busy amassing arms received by air and sea from certain known countries.
Они также занимались накоплением оружия, доставлявшегося по воздуху и морю из определенных всем известных стран.
© Организация Объединенных Наций, 2010 год
© United Nations 2010
She had not long known him, this man who rarely went to church, and took his wife's death so calmly - and here was she, confiding al her secrets to him. . . .
Давно ли она познакомилась с ним, с этим человеком, который и в церковь редко ходит и так равнодушно переносит кончину жены, - и вот уже она сообщает ему свои тайны...
Turgenev, I.S. / A House of GentlefolkТургенев, И.С. / Дворянское гнездо
Дворянское гнездо
Тургенев, И.С.
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1983
A House of Gentlefolk
Turgenev, I.S.
© 2006 BiblioBazaar
Elena seemed the most serious of the party, but in her heart there was a wonderful sense of peace, such as she had not known for long.
Елена казалась серьезнее всех, но на сердце у ней было чудное спокойствие, какого она давно не испытала.
Turgenev, I.S. / On the eveТургенев, И.С. / Накануне
Тургенев, И.С.
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1976
On the eve
Turgenev, I.S.
© 1st World Library, 2008
"Why, the deed may not have merited quite so terrible a name," said Herbert, "but, she was tried for it, and Mr. Jaggers defended her, and the reputation of that defence first made his name known to Provis.
– Да видишь ли, может, это слишком страшное слово для того, что она сделала, – сказал Герберт, – но ее судили за убийство, мистер Джеггерс ее защищал, и успешно, и вот тогда-то Провис впервые услышал его имя.
Dickens, Charles / Great ExpectationsДиккенс, Чарльз / Большие надежды
Большие надежды
Диккенс, Чарльз
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1960
Great Expectations
Dickens, Charles
© 2010 Ignatius Press, San Francisco
As to Roberta, he had known that as a teen-ager she would develop interests which he could neither share nor wholly understand.
Он, конечно, понимал, что с годами у Роберты должны появиться интересы, которых он не сможет ни разделить, ни понять.
Hailey, Arthur / AirportХейли, Артур / Аэропорт
Хейли, Артур
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1978
Hailey, Arthur
© 1968, 2000 by Arthur Hailey, Ltd.

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known for being witty — известный своим остроумием
known to everyone — всем известный

User translations

The part of speech is not specified

  1. 1.

    известный, знакомый

    translation added by Nadezda van Sprundel


combination of known elements
комбинация известных элементов
combination of known elementswithout surplus effect
комбинация известных элементов
commonly known
commonly known fact
общеизвестный факт
known angle
известный угол
known as
известный как
known character
заведомая репутация
known endangering
заведомое поставление в опасность
known good
заведомо исправный
known good device
заведомо исправный прибор
known good device
эталонный прибор
known good unit
заведомо исправное устройство
known good unit
эталонное устройство
known immoral character
заведомая репутация аморальной личности
known immoral character
заведомо аморальная личность

Word forms


Basic forms
Present Participle (Participle I)knowing
Past Participle (Participle II)known
Present Indefinite, Active Voice
I knowwe know
you knowyou know
he/she/it knowsthey know
Present Continuous, Active Voice
I am knowingwe are knowing
you are knowingyou are knowing
he/she/it is knowingthey are knowing
Present Perfect, Active Voice
I have knownwe have known
you have knownyou have known
he/she/it has knownthey have known
Present Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I have been knowingwe have been knowing
you have been knowingyou have been knowing
he/she/it has been knowingthey have been knowing
Past Indefinite, Active Voice
I knewwe knew
you knewyou knew
he/she/it knewthey knew
Past Continuous, Active Voice
I was knowingwe were knowing
you were knowingyou were knowing
he/she/it was knowingthey were knowing
Past Perfect, Active Voice
I had knownwe had known
you had knownyou had known
he/she/it had knownthey had known
Past Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I had been knowingwe had been knowing
you had been knowingyou had been knowing
he/she/it had been knowingthey had been knowing
Future Indefinite, Active Voice
I shall/will knowwe shall/will know
you will knowyou will know
he/she/it will knowthey will know
Future Continuous, Active Voice
I shall/will be knowingwe shall/will be knowing
you will be knowingyou will be knowing
he/she/it will be knowingthey will be knowing
Future Perfect, Active Voice
I shall/will have knownwe shall/will have known
you will have knownyou will have known
he/she/it will have knownthey will have known
Future Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I shall/will have been knowingwe shall/will have been knowing
you will have been knowingyou will have been knowing
he/she/it will have been knowingthey will have been knowing
Future in the Past Indefinite, Active Voice
I should/would knowwe should/would know
you would knowyou would know
he/she/it would knowthey would know
Future in the Past Continuous, Active Voice
I should/would be knowingwe should/would be knowing
you would be knowingyou would be knowing
he/she/it would be knowingthey would be knowing
Future in the Past Perfect, Active Voice
I should/would have knownwe should/would have known
you would have knownyou would have known
he/she/it would have knownthey would have known
Future in the Past Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I should/would have been knowingwe should/would have been knowing
you would have been knowingyou would have been knowing
he/she/it would have been knowingthey would have been knowing
Present Indefinite, Passive Voice
I am knownwe are known
you are knownyou are known
he/she/it is knownthey are known
Present Continuous, Passive Voice
I am being knownwe are being known
you are being knownyou are being known
he/she/it is being knownthey are being known
Present Perfect, Passive Voice
I have been knownwe have been known
you have been knownyou have been known
he/she/it has been knownthey have been known
Past Indefinite, Passive Voice
I was knownwe were known
you were knownyou were known
he/she/it was knownthey were known
Past Continuous, Passive Voice
I was being knownwe were being known
you were being knownyou were being known
he/she/it was being knownthey were being known
Past Perfect, Passive Voice
I had been knownwe had been known
you had been knownyou had been known
he/she/it had been knownthey had been known
Future Indefinite, Passive Voice
I shall/will be knownwe shall/will be known
you will be knownyou will be known
he/she/it will be knownthey will be known
Future Perfect, Passive Voice
I shall/will have been knownwe shall/will have been known
you will have been knownyou will have been known
he/she/it will have been knownthey will have been known