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['lækə] брит. / амер.

  1. сущ.

    лак; политура; глазурь

  2. гл.

    лакировать; покрывать глазурью

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  1. n


  2. v

    покрывать лаком

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Examples from texts

In the first place, the lacquer poisoning offered an explanation for Chu's sudden decision to have a hunting dinner outside instead of an ordinary meal inside, in the hall.
Во-первых, отравление лаком объяснило, почему Чу вдруг решил дать охотничий обед на открытом воздухе, а не в зале.
Убийство гвоздями
Гулик, Роберт ван
© 1961 by Robert van Gulik
© Перевод, ЗАО "Издательство "Центрполиграф", 2002
The Chinese Nail Murders
Gulik, Robert van
© 1961 by Robert van Gulik
Gulik, Robert van / The Chinese Nail MurdersГулик, Роберт ван / Убийство гвоздями
With my eyes on the empty doorway, I told her about the lacquer chest.
Поглядывая на дверь, я шепотом рассказал ей про содержимое туалетного столика.
Тайная история
Тартт, Донна
© 1992 by Donna Tartt
© Д. Бородкин, Н. Ленцман, перевод на русский язык, 2007
© ООО "Издательская группа "Аттикус", 2009
The Secret History
Tartt, Donna
© 1992 by Donna Tartt
Tartt, Donna / The Secret HistoryТартт, Донна / Тайная история
His fingers played with the wineglass, the long dark Chinese-collared coat as wetly black as the lacquer urn I'd once kept his ashes in.
Он вертел в руке винный бокал. Длинный плащ с китайским воротом напоминал черным блеском ту лакированную урну, в которой я некогда хранила его пепел.
Грешники Святого города
Сэйнткроу, Лилит
Saint City Sinners
Saintcrow, Lilith
© 2007 by Lilith Saintcrow
Saintcrow, Lilith / Saint City SinnersСэйнткроу, Лилит / Грешники Святого города
It consisted of four panels, each bearing a beautifully executed picture, engraved in the red lacquer, and with small fragments of green jade, mother-of-pearl, silver and gold incrusted in its surface.
Ширма состояла из четырех створок, причем каждая являла собой изящную картину, мастерски инкрустированную па лакированной поверхности кусочками зеленого нефрита, перламутра, серебра и золота.
Лакированная ширма
Гулик, Роберт ван
© 1962 by Robert van Gulik
© Перевод, ЗАО "Издательство "Центрполиграф", 2002
The Lacquer Screen
Gulik, Robert van
© 1962 by Robert van Gulik
Gulik, Robert van / The Lacquer ScreenГулик, Роберт ван / Лакированная ширма
Next, a gold reflective layer is then applied, followed by a protective coat of UV-cured lacquer to protect the gold and dye layers.
Затем создается золотой отражающий слой. После этого поверхность диска покрывается акриловым лаком, затвердевающим в ультрафиолетовых лучах, который используется для защиты ранее созданных золотого и окрашенного слоев диска.
Модернизация и ремонт ноутбуков
Мюллер, Скотт
© Que Corporation, 2004
© Издательский дом "Вильямс", 2006
Upgrading and Repairing Laptops
Mueller, Scott
© 2006 by Que Corporation
Mueller, Scott / Upgrading and Repairing LaptopsМюллер, Скотт / Модернизация и ремонт ноутбуков
In the manufacture of a double-sided medium, a thin layer of an optically transparent material is applied on both substrate sides rather than said photopolymerizable lacquer.
При изготовлении двустороннего носителя вместо фотополимеризующегося лака с каждой стороны подложки 2 наносят тонкий слой оптически прозрачного материала.
' Your story of the lacquer screen was as fantastic as the one about your love for your wife, Silver Lotus.
– Ваша сказка о лакированной ширме не более правдива, чем повесть о любви к жене, Серебряному Лотосу.
Лакированная ширма
Гулик, Роберт ван
© 1962 by Robert van Gulik
© Перевод, ЗАО "Издательство "Центрполиграф", 2002
The Lacquer Screen
Gulik, Robert van
© 1962 by Robert van Gulik
Gulik, Robert van / The Lacquer ScreenГулик, Роберт ван / Лакированная ширма
When it had passed he opened his eyes. He saw the high lacquer screen standing against the wall opposite. Quickly he averted his gaze, but the screen seemed to move round with his eyes.
Стало немного легче. Открыв глаза, он увидел высокую лакированную ширму у противоположной стены и тут же отвел взгляд, но ширма, словно под действием тайной силы, качнулась следом.
Лакированная ширма
Гулик, Роберт ван
© 1962 by Robert van Gulik
© Перевод, ЗАО "Издательство "Центрполиграф", 2002
The Lacquer Screen
Gulik, Robert van
© 1962 by Robert van Gulik
Gulik, Robert van / The Lacquer ScreenГулик, Роберт ван / Лакированная ширма
The claimed method is further characterized by applying the continuous layer by offset and/or stencil printing and/or introducing a film and/or covering with a lacquer and/or a metallized foil and/or other printing technique.
Заявленный способ характеризуется дополнительно тем, что сплошной слой наносят офсетом и/или трафаретом и/или введением пленки и/или покрытием лаком и/или металлизированной фольгой и/или другим методом печати.
It consisted of a thin sliver of silver inlaid in the lacquer.
Это была тонкая полоска серебра, инкрустированная в лаковую поверхность.
Лакированная ширма
Гулик, Роберт ван
© 1962 by Robert van Gulik
© Перевод, ЗАО "Издательство "Центрполиграф", 2002
The Lacquer Screen
Gulik, Robert van
© 1962 by Robert van Gulik
Gulik, Robert van / The Lacquer ScreenГулик, Роберт ван / Лакированная ширма
They resembled nothing more than those preliminary erections of a sculptor, the wire frame, the first tendons of clay, the muscles, and a thin lacquer of skin.
Они были похожи на первоначальные заготовки скульптора - каркасы, на которые нанесен лишь первый слой глины, слегка обозначивший мускулы.
Брэдбери, Рэй
© 1955 by Ray Bradbury
© Аллунан Н., Анисимов С., Воронежская М., Жданов Л., Жданова Т., Куняева Н., Левкин А., Облонская Р., Оганян А., Пчелинцев М., Трофимов С., Шинкарь Т., перевод на русский язык, 2010
© Издание на русском языке. ООО "Издательство "Эксмо", 2010
The Next in line
Bradbury, Ray
© 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1954, 1955 by Ray Bradbury
Bradbury, Ray / The Next in lineБрэдбери, Рэй / Следующий
The product whose surface relief is covered with a layer of lacquer or with some other transparent coating is most protected from forgery, because the form of relief is not accessible for recognition from a print made from the carrier surface.
Продукция, рельеф поверхности которой закрыт слоем лака, или иным прозрачным покрытием, является более защищенной от фальсификации, так как форма рельефа не доступна для распознавания по отпечатку с поверхности носителя.
The successfully tested media may be then dyed by applying one or more layers of a dye, each with a thickness of 10-30 μm onto the lacquer layer and/or directly onto polycarbonate.
Носители, прошедшие проверку с положительным результатом, могут дальше подаваться на покраску, в процессе которой на слой лака и/или непосредственно на поликарбонат наносят один или несколько слоев краски толщиной 10-30 мкм каждый.
A dry, icy wind moaned among cliffs of crimson stone above them, polished by the endless winds to a shine like lacquer and carved by a lost civilization with lines of some vast geometry.
За тонкими ее стенами завывал холодный суховей, заплутавший в нависших над местом стоянки багровых скалах, отполированных до зеркального блеска неумолимым временем — самый типичный для Be ландшафт.
Четыре пути к прощению
Ле Гуин, Урсула
© Издание на русском языке ООО "Издательство "Эксмо", 2008
© Перевод. И. Полоцк, О. Васант, О. Трофимов, В. Старожилец, 2008
© 1995 by Ursula K. Le Guin
Four ways to Forgiveness
Le Guin, Ursula
© 1995 by Ursula K. Le Guin
Le Guin, Ursula / Four ways to ForgivenessЛе Гуин, Урсула / Четыре пути к прощению
Placing a texture map in the Glossiness channel creates a lacquer-like finish over the targeted 3D object.
Если назначить текстурную каргу каналу Glossiness, то поверхность трехмерного объекта будет выглядеть так, как будто текстура была сверху покрыта лаком.
3ds max 8 для "чайников"
Мортье, Шаммс
© Компьютерное изд-во "Диалектика", 2006
© Wiley Publishing, Inc., 2003
3ds max 5 For Dummies
Mortier, Shamms
© 2003 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana
Mortier, Shamms / 3ds max 5 For DummiesМортье, Шаммс / 3ds max 8 для "чайников"


acid-resisting lacquer
кислотостойкий лак
air-drying lacquer
лак воздушной сушки
air-drying lacquer
политура, высыхающая на открытом воздухе
alcohol diluted lacquer
спиртовая политура
alkyd lacquer
алкидный лак
apply lacquer to
покрывать лаком
automobile lacquer
автомобильный лак
baked-on lacquer
термообработанный лак
base lacquer
грунтовочный лак
bronzing lacquer
бронзовочныи лак
carbon-resin lacquer resistor
лакосажевый композиционный резистор
cellulose lacquer
целлюлозный лак
cellulose lacquer
эфироцеллюлозный лак
cellulose-acetate lacquer
ацетилцеллюлозный лак
clear lacquer
бесцветный лак

Word forms


Common caselacquerlacquers
Possessive caselacquer'slacquers'


Basic forms
Present Participle (Participle I)lacquering
Past Participle (Participle II)lacquered
Present Indefinite, Active Voice
I lacquerwe lacquer
you lacqueryou lacquer
he/she/it lacquersthey lacquer
Present Continuous, Active Voice
I am lacqueringwe are lacquering
you are lacqueringyou are lacquering
he/she/it is lacqueringthey are lacquering
Present Perfect, Active Voice
I have lacqueredwe have lacquered
you have lacqueredyou have lacquered
he/she/it has lacqueredthey have lacquered
Present Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I have been lacqueringwe have been lacquering
you have been lacqueringyou have been lacquering
he/she/it has been lacqueringthey have been lacquering
Past Indefinite, Active Voice
I lacqueredwe lacquered
you lacqueredyou lacquered
he/she/it lacqueredthey lacquered
Past Continuous, Active Voice
I was lacqueringwe were lacquering
you were lacqueringyou were lacquering
he/she/it was lacqueringthey were lacquering
Past Perfect, Active Voice
I had lacqueredwe had lacquered
you had lacqueredyou had lacquered
he/she/it had lacqueredthey had lacquered
Past Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I had been lacqueringwe had been lacquering
you had been lacqueringyou had been lacquering
he/she/it had been lacqueringthey had been lacquering
Future Indefinite, Active Voice
I shall/will lacquerwe shall/will lacquer
you will lacqueryou will lacquer
he/she/it will lacquerthey will lacquer
Future Continuous, Active Voice
I shall/will be lacqueringwe shall/will be lacquering
you will be lacqueringyou will be lacquering
he/she/it will be lacqueringthey will be lacquering
Future Perfect, Active Voice
I shall/will have lacqueredwe shall/will have lacquered
you will have lacqueredyou will have lacquered
he/she/it will have lacqueredthey will have lacquered
Future Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I shall/will have been lacqueringwe shall/will have been lacquering
you will have been lacqueringyou will have been lacquering
he/she/it will have been lacqueringthey will have been lacquering
Future in the Past Indefinite, Active Voice
I should/would lacquerwe should/would lacquer
you would lacqueryou would lacquer
he/she/it would lacquerthey would lacquer
Future in the Past Continuous, Active Voice
I should/would be lacqueringwe should/would be lacquering
you would be lacqueringyou would be lacquering
he/she/it would be lacqueringthey would be lacquering
Future in the Past Perfect, Active Voice
I should/would have lacqueredwe should/would have lacquered
you would have lacqueredyou would have lacquered
he/she/it would have lacqueredthey would have lacquered
Future in the Past Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I should/would have been lacqueringwe should/would have been lacquering
you would have been lacqueringyou would have been lacquering
he/she/it would have been lacqueringthey would have been lacquering
Present Indefinite, Passive Voice
I am lacqueredwe are lacquered
you are lacqueredyou are lacquered
he/she/it is lacqueredthey are lacquered
Present Continuous, Passive Voice
I am being lacqueredwe are being lacquered
you are being lacqueredyou are being lacquered
he/she/it is being lacqueredthey are being lacquered
Present Perfect, Passive Voice
I have been lacqueredwe have been lacquered
you have been lacqueredyou have been lacquered
he/she/it has been lacqueredthey have been lacquered
Past Indefinite, Passive Voice
I was lacqueredwe were lacquered
you were lacqueredyou were lacquered
he/she/it was lacqueredthey were lacquered
Past Continuous, Passive Voice
I was being lacqueredwe were being lacquered
you were being lacqueredyou were being lacquered
he/she/it was being lacqueredthey were being lacquered
Past Perfect, Passive Voice
I had been lacqueredwe had been lacquered
you had been lacqueredyou had been lacquered
he/she/it had been lacqueredthey had been lacquered
Future Indefinite, Passive Voice
I shall/will be lacqueredwe shall/will be lacquered
you will be lacqueredyou will be lacquered
he/she/it will be lacqueredthey will be lacquered
Future Perfect, Passive Voice
I shall/will have been lacqueredwe shall/will have been lacquered
you will have been lacqueredyou will have been lacquered
he/she/it will have been lacqueredthey will have been lacquered