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[spreɪ] брит. / амер.

  1. сущ.

    1. тонкая ветка, побег (дерева или кустарника); прутик, хворостинка

      1. веточка цветущего дерева или кустарника

      2. украшение в виде букета или веточки, бутоньерка

    1. сущ.

      1. водяная пыль, мелкие брызги

      2. жидкость для распыления

      3. пульверизатор, распылитель, опрыскиватель; спрей; аэрозольный баллончик

      4. распыление

    2. гл.

      1. брызгать, распылять; обрызгивать, опрыскивать, опылять (какой-л. жидкостью)

      2. обстрелять градом пуль

      3. метить территорию (о котах)

Learning (En-Ru)


    1. [spreɪ]


      1. брызги; водяная пыль

      2. аэрозоль; распылитель

    2. v

      обрызгивать; опрыскивать; распылять

  1. n

    веточка; кисть

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Examples from texts

Susannah could feel a fine, tickling spray of saliva.
Сюзанна почувствовала, как ее обдало слюной.
King, Stephen / The Dark Tower 6: The Song of SusannahКинг, Стивен / Темная башня 6: Песнь Сюзанны
Темная башня 6: Песнь Сюзанны
Кинг, Стивен
The Dark Tower 6: The Song of Susannah
King, Stephen
© 2004 by Stephen King
The collector for particles of a liquid spray 4 is connected to a pipe for returning a liquid for re-spraying 5.
Сборник частиц распыленной жидкости 4 сообщается с трубкой для отвода жидкости на повторное распыление 5.
A liquid is injected through a spray nozzle at an angle of 90° to the gas flow direction.
Струю жидкости подают через распыляющее сопло под углом 90 градусов к потоку газа.
She looked quickly at Litvinov, stretched out her hand, and suddenly seizing the end of the spray which decorated her hair, she said: "Do you wish it, Grisha?
Она быстро взглянула на Литвинова, протянула руки и, внезапно схватив конец ветки, украшавшей ее голову, промолвила: - Хочешь?
Тургенев, И.С. / ДымTurgenev, I.S. / Smoke
Turgenev, I.S.
© 1919, by BONI & LIVERIGHT, Inc.
Тургенев, И.С.
© Издательство "Правда", 1979
He stepped into the shower beneath the spray.
И зашел в душевую кабинку под струи воды.
Brown, Sandra / RicochetБраун, Сандра / Рикошет
Браун, Сандра
© 2006 by Sandra Brown Management Ltd.
© Перевод. С. Панина, 2010
© Издание на русском языке. ООО "Издательство "Эксмо", 2010
Brown, Sandra
© 2006 by Sandra Brown Management Ltd.
That first heartwarming spray of urine across the bridge of your nose when the kid lets go as you're changing his clout!
Эта первая теплая струйка мочи, которая стекает по твоей переносице, когда ребенок выстреливает ею аккурат в тот момент, когда ты меняешь ему подгузник!
King, Stephen / The Dark Tower 6: The Song of SusannahКинг, Стивен / Темная башня 6: Песнь Сюзанны
Темная башня 6: Песнь Сюзанны
Кинг, Стивен
The Dark Tower 6: The Song of Susannah
King, Stephen
© 2004 by Stephen King
The spray grew fiercer as the depth grew deeper.
Чем глубже она уходила под воду, тем сильнее становился напор воды, фонтанирующей сквозь трещину в стенке.
Rollins, James / Ice HuntРоллинс, Джеймс / Айсберг
Роллинс, Джеймс
© 2003 by Jim Czajkowski
© В. Шуверов, перевод, 2009
© ООО "Издательство "Эксмо", издание на русском языке, 2009
Ice Hunt
Rollins, James
© 2003 by Jim Czajkowski
He struck out through the spray, and, for an instant, was dimly seen through that veil, wildly seeking to remove himself from the eye of Moby Dick.
Он упал в кипящий вокруг кита водоворот, и какое-то мгновение они еще видели смутно сквозь завесу брызг, как он лихорадочно пытался скрыться от глаза Моби Дика.
Melville, Herman / Moby Dick Or The WhaleМелвилл, Герман / Моби Дик, или Белый Кит
Моби Дик, или Белый Кит
Мелвилл, Герман
© Издательство «Художественная литература», 1981
Moby Dick Or The Whale
Melville, Herman
© Northwestern University Press and The Newberry Library, 1988
Away, at a gallop, over the black landscape, scattering the dust and dirt like spray!
И галопом — вперед по черной равнине, вздымая пыль и разбрызгивая грязь!
Dickens, Charles / Dombey and SonДиккенс, Чарльз / Торговый дом "Домби и сын"
Торговый дом "Домби и сын"
Диккенс, Чарльз
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1959
Dombey and Son
Dickens, Charles
© 2009 by Classic Books International
The spell he loosed from the ring covered his body in a shield of warm flames just as the lich blasted forth a conical spray of magical cold so intense that it would have frozen him solid in mid-stride.
Высвобожденные из кольца чары окутали его теплым, нежгучим пламенем и защитили от волны ледяного холода, посланной личи, от которой Джарлакс замерз бы до смерти, не успев даже сделать вздоха.
Salvatore, Robert / Promise of the Witch KingСальваторе, Роберт / Заклятие короля-колдуна
Заклятие короля-колдуна
Сальваторе, Роберт
© 2005 Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
© ИЦ "Максима", 2007
© Е. Фурсикова, перевод, 2007
Promise of the Witch King
Salvatore, Robert
© 2005 Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
For spray angle increase, the operator disconnects the nozzle end 13 from part 14 with the unit 15 and removes it from the flow turning it around the unit 14 axis.
Для увеличения угла распыливания концевую часть 13 оператор с помощью узла 15 разъединяет с частью 14 и выводит из потока путем поворота ее относительно оси части 14.
The angle between the spray nozzle and the gas flow direction is 90°.
Угол подачи струи жидкости к направлению потока газа равен 90 градусов.
When she came to meet him in a white tarlatan gown, with a spray of small blue flowers in her slightly raised hair, he almost uttered a cry; she seemed to him so lovely and stately beyond what was natural to her years.
Когда она вышла к нему в белом тарлатановом платье, с веткой небольших синих цветов в слегка приподнятых волосах, он так и ахнул: до того она ему показалась прекрасною и величественною, уж точно не по летам.
Тургенев, И.С. / ДымTurgenev, I.S. / Smoke
Turgenev, I.S.
© 1919, by BONI & LIVERIGHT, Inc.
Тургенев, И.С.
© Издательство "Правда", 1979
The wind pitched the water up on deck and once in a while blew a sheet of spray across the bridge.
Он обрушивал волны на палубу и в определённые промежутки времени швырял на мостик клочья морской пены.
Werner, Herbert A. / Iron Coffins: A personal account of the German U-Boat battles of World War IIВернер, Герберт А. / Стальные гробы. Немецкие подводные лодки: секретные операции 1941-1945
Стальные гробы. Немецкие подводные лодки: секретные операции 1941-1945
Вернер, Герберт А.
Iron Coffins: A personal account of the German U-Boat battles of World War II
Werner, Herbert A.
© 1969 by Herbert Werner
The off-gas cleaned at the bag filter 15, goes to the scrubber 16, where intensive alkali solution irrigation of gas flow is going on. The irrigation is provided by centrifugal spray jet.
Очищенные в рукавном фильтре 15 отходящие газы направляются в скруббер 16, где в трубе Вентури происходит интенсивное орошение нисходящего газового потока щелочным раствором, распыляемым центробежно-струйной форсункой.

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spreɪNounтонкая ветка; побег; прутик; хворостинка

User translations

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  1. 1.


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acoustic spray drying
сушка с помощью акустической форсунки
air spray
распыление с воздуха
airless spray
безвоздушный распылитель
antioffset spray
противоотмарочное средство
antioffset spray
противоотмарочный порошковый распылитель
antisetoff spray gun
противоотмарочный распылитель
asbestos spray
асбестовый факел
carcass spray washer
душ для мойки туш
centrifugal spray tower
скруббер с центробежным распылителем
chain spray
жидкость для опрыскивания цепей
complete spray
полная пульверизация
completely atomized spray pattern
форма распыла в виде тумана
compressed air spray pistol
пневматический краскопульт
containment spray
впрыск в защитную оболочку ядерного реактора
containment spray piping
трубопроводы впрыска в защитную оболочку

Word forms


Common casespraysprays
Possessive casespray'ssprays'


Basic forms
Present Participle (Participle I)spraying
Past Participle (Participle II)sprayed
Present Indefinite, Active Voice
I spraywe spray
you sprayyou spray
he/she/it spraysthey spray
Present Continuous, Active Voice
I am sprayingwe are spraying
you are sprayingyou are spraying
he/she/it is sprayingthey are spraying
Present Perfect, Active Voice
I have sprayedwe have sprayed
you have sprayedyou have sprayed
he/she/it has sprayedthey have sprayed
Present Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I have been sprayingwe have been spraying
you have been sprayingyou have been spraying
he/she/it has been sprayingthey have been spraying
Past Indefinite, Active Voice
I sprayedwe sprayed
you sprayedyou sprayed
he/she/it sprayedthey sprayed
Past Continuous, Active Voice
I was sprayingwe were spraying
you were sprayingyou were spraying
he/she/it was sprayingthey were spraying
Past Perfect, Active Voice
I had sprayedwe had sprayed
you had sprayedyou had sprayed
he/she/it had sprayedthey had sprayed
Past Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I had been sprayingwe had been spraying
you had been sprayingyou had been spraying
he/she/it had been sprayingthey had been spraying
Future Indefinite, Active Voice
I shall/will spraywe shall/will spray
you will sprayyou will spray
he/she/it will spraythey will spray
Future Continuous, Active Voice
I shall/will be sprayingwe shall/will be spraying
you will be sprayingyou will be spraying
he/she/it will be sprayingthey will be spraying
Future Perfect, Active Voice
I shall/will have sprayedwe shall/will have sprayed
you will have sprayedyou will have sprayed
he/she/it will have sprayedthey will have sprayed
Future Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I shall/will have been sprayingwe shall/will have been spraying
you will have been sprayingyou will have been spraying
he/she/it will have been sprayingthey will have been spraying
Future in the Past Indefinite, Active Voice
I should/would spraywe should/would spray
you would sprayyou would spray
he/she/it would spraythey would spray
Future in the Past Continuous, Active Voice
I should/would be sprayingwe should/would be spraying
you would be sprayingyou would be spraying
he/she/it would be sprayingthey would be spraying
Future in the Past Perfect, Active Voice
I should/would have sprayedwe should/would have sprayed
you would have sprayedyou would have sprayed
he/she/it would have sprayedthey would have sprayed
Future in the Past Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I should/would have been sprayingwe should/would have been spraying
you would have been sprayingyou would have been spraying
he/she/it would have been sprayingthey would have been spraying
Present Indefinite, Passive Voice
I am sprayedwe are sprayed
you are sprayedyou are sprayed
he/she/it is sprayedthey are sprayed
Present Continuous, Passive Voice
I am being sprayedwe are being sprayed
you are being sprayedyou are being sprayed
he/she/it is being sprayedthey are being sprayed
Present Perfect, Passive Voice
I have been sprayedwe have been sprayed
you have been sprayedyou have been sprayed
he/she/it has been sprayedthey have been sprayed
Past Indefinite, Passive Voice
I was sprayedwe were sprayed
you were sprayedyou were sprayed
he/she/it was sprayedthey were sprayed
Past Continuous, Passive Voice
I was being sprayedwe were being sprayed
you were being sprayedyou were being sprayed
he/she/it was being sprayedthey were being sprayed
Past Perfect, Passive Voice
I had been sprayedwe had been sprayed
you had been sprayedyou had been sprayed
he/she/it had been sprayedthey had been sprayed
Future Indefinite, Passive Voice
I shall/will be sprayedwe shall/will be sprayed
you will be sprayedyou will be sprayed
he/she/it will be sprayedthey will be sprayed
Future Perfect, Passive Voice
I shall/will have been sprayedwe shall/will have been sprayed
you will have been sprayedyou will have been sprayed
he/she/it will have been sprayedthey will have been sprayed