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[stæb] брит. / амер.

  1. сущ.

      1. удар (ножом, кинжалом)

      2. = stab wound колотая рана

      1. = a stab of pain внезапная острая боль

      2. вспышка, внезапный прилив (чувства)

    1. разг. попытка

  2. гл.

      1. колоть, ранить кинжалом, ножом

      2. вонзаться, ранить

    1. = stab at тыкать

    2. стрелять, пронзать (о боли)

    3. нападать; вредить; наносить ущерб

    4. оббивать стену (под штукатурку)

Learning (En-Ru)



  1. n

    1. удар (ножом и т. п.)

    2. острое чувство

    3. попытка

  2. v


    1. ударять ножом

    2. тыкать

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Examples from texts

Halfway inside there was a sharp stab of pain, but Evan ground his teeth and held his position.
На полпути внутрь нее был приступ острой боли, но Эван заскрежетал зубами и удержал голову в одном положении.
Foster, Alan Dean / Sentenced to PrismФостер, Алан Дин / Приговоренный к Призме
Приговоренный к Призме
Фостер, Алан Дин
Sentenced to Prism
Foster, Alan Dean
He used his knife to stab the darker piece of fish coated in the herbs.
Себастьян проткнул ножом указанный кусок.
Goodkind, Terry / The pillars of creationГудкайнд, Терри / Седьмое правило Волшебника: Столпы творения
Седьмое правило Волшебника: Столпы творения
Гудкайнд, Терри
© Теrry Goodkind, 2001
© Перевод Н.Романецкий, 2003
© ООО "Издательство ACT", 2003
The pillars of creation
Goodkind, Terry
© 2001 by Теrry Goodkind
I at least made a stab at the ritual on the day I finished All the Way from the Top.
Я по крайней мере попытался возродить ритуал в тот день, когда закончил «Вниз с самого верха».
King, Stephen / Bag of BonesКинг, Стивен / Мешок с костями
Мешок с костями
Кинг, Стивен
© 1998 Стивен Кинг
© 1999, АСТ
© перевод В. Вебера
Bag of Bones
King, Stephen
© 1998 by Stephen King
'You turn your wife and child out of doors,' said Nicholas; 'and, in a fit of rage and jealousy, stab your eldest son in the library.'
— Вы выгоняете из дому жену с ребенком, — сообщил Николас, — и в припадке бешенства и ревности закалываете в кабинете своего старшего сына.
Диккенс, Чарльз / Жизнь и приключения Николаса НикльбиDickens, Charles / The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby
Dickens, Charles
© Wordsworth Editions Limited 1995
Жизнь и приключения Николаса Никльби
Диккенс, Чарльз
© Издательство "Правда", 1989
“You didn’t stab her through the heart.
— Ты не пронзила ей сердце.
De la Cruz, Melissa / The Van Alen LegacyДе ла Круз, Мелисса / Наследие ван Аленов
Наследие ван Аленов
Де ла Круз, Мелисса
© 2009 by Melissa de la Cruz
© Издание на русском языке. ООО «Издательство «Эксмо». 2010
© О. Степашкина, перевод с английского. 2010
The Van Alen Legacy
De la Cruz, Melissa
© 2009 by Melissa de la Cruz
But he didn't stab me again; he broke down; he was frightened at what he had done; he threw away the knife, burst out crying, and ran away.
Но он другой раз не пырнул, он не выдержал, он сам испугался, бросил ножик, заплакал в голос и пустился бежать.
Dostoevsky, Fyodor / The brothers KaramazovДостоевский, Фёдор / Братья Карамазовы
Братья Карамазовы
Достоевский, Фёдор
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1988
The brothers Karamazov
Dostoevsky, Fyodor
He hung there, on the balls of his feet, dagger extended to stab, staring at Alviarin as she shut the door behind her and leaned against it to study him.
Так он и застыл, стоя на цыпочках, чуть ли не вися в воздухе, выставив готовый к удару кинжал и глядя на Алвиарин. А та закрыла за собой дверь и прислонилась к ней, рассматривая Фейна.
Jordan, Robert / The Fires of HeavenДжордан, Роберт / Огни небес
Огни небес
Джордан, Роберт
The Fires of Heaven
Jordan, Robert
© 1993 by The Bandersnatch Group, Inc.
One stage hand received a sharp stab in the calf of his leg, two pieces of scenery were irretrievably damaged, and the entire set was pierced so full of porcupine quills it looked as though we had been fighting off an Indian attack.
Одному рабочему игла вонзилась в икру, две декорации были совсем испорчены, а остальные утыканы иглами так, словно мы попали под град стрел, отражая нападение краснокожих.
Durrell, Gerald / Menagerie ManorДаррелл, Джеральд / Поместье зверинец
Поместье зверинец
Даррелл, Джеральд
© Издательство "Мысль", 1978
Menagerie Manor
Durrell, Gerald
© Gerald M. Durrell, 1964
© renewed Gerald M. Durrell, 1992
Every tearing stab a mortal wound.
Она вспомнила каждый удар ножом, наносивший смертельную рану.
Feehan, Christine / Dark PrinceФихан, Кристин / Темный принц
Темный принц
Фихан, Кристин
© 1999 by Christine Feehan
© Наумова Г., перевод на русский язык, 2010
© Издание на русском языке. ООО «Издательство «Эксмо». 2010
Dark Prince
Feehan, Christine
© 1999 by Christine Feehan
Her husband, who was a striker, was in the county jail with two stab wounds in his chest and a fractured skull.
Ее муж-забастовщик сидел в окружной тюрьме с двумя ножевыми ранами в груди и с проломленной головой.
Jones, James / From Here to EternityДжонс, Джеймс / Отныне и вовек
Отныне и вовек
Джонс, Джеймс
© Издательство "Правда", 1989
From Here to Eternity
Jones, James
© 1951 by James Jones
© renewed 1991 by Gloria Jones, James Anthony Phillipe Jones, and Kaylie Anne Jones
A stab of fear.
Меня охватил страх.
Feintuch, David / Voices of HopeФайнток, Дэвид / Надежда смертника
Надежда смертника
Файнток, Дэвид
Voices of Hope
Feintuch, David
© 1996 by David Feintuch
Can you understand that one might kill oneself from delight? But I didn't stab myself. I only kissed my sword and put it back in the scabbard -- which there was no need to have told you, by the way.
Понимаешь ли ты, что от иного восторга можно убить себя; но я не закололся, а только поцеловал шпагу и вложил ее опять в ножны, -- о чем впрочем мог бы тебе и не упоминать.
Dostoevsky, Fyodor / The brothers KaramazovДостоевский, Фёдор / Братья Карамазовы
Братья Карамазовы
Достоевский, Фёдор
© Издательство "Художественная литература", 1988
The brothers Karamazov
Dostoevsky, Fyodor
I call create such a situation that he will not even dare to stab or make an effort on your life.
Я могу создать такую ситуацию, что он даже не осмелится ударить или совершить покушение на вашу жизнь.
Osho, Bhagvan Shree Rajneesh / Tao: The Pathless Path, Volume 2Ошо Бхагван Шри Раджниш / Дао: Путь без пути, Том 2
Дао: Путь без пути, Том 2
Ошо Бхагван Шри Раджниш
Tao: The Pathless Path, Volume 2
Osho, Bhagvan Shree Rajneesh
© 2002 by Osho International
He had a vague idea that so he might stab the man to silence.
Вероятно, он надеялся мгновенно заставить его замолчать.
Wells, Herbert George / The World Set Free: A Story of MankindУэллс, Герберт Джордж / Освобожденный мир
Освобожденный мир
Уэллс, Герберт Джордж
The World Set Free: A Story of Mankind
Wells, Herbert George
He had thirty or forty stab wounds in his upper thorax.
У него тридцать или сорок проникающих ранений в верхнюю часть тела.
Butcher, Jim / Dead BeatБатчер, Джим / Барабаны зомби
Барабаны зомби
Батчер, Джим
© Jim Butcher, 2005
© Перевод Н.К. Кудряшев, 2006
© Издание на русском языке AST Publishers, 2010
Dead Beat
Butcher, Jim
© Jim Butcher, 2005

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He drew his knife, and made a stab at me. — Он вытащил нож и ткнул в меня.

User translations

The part of speech is not specified

  1. 1.


    translation added by Alien


stab cell
нейтрофильный палочкоядерный гранулоцит
stab cell
палочкоядерный лейкоцит
stab culture
культивирование с введением материала прокалыванием
stab neutrophil
палочкоядерный нейтрофил
stab neutrophil
палочкоядерный нейтрофильный гранулоцит
stab stitch
стабильный уравновешенный стежок
stab wound
колотая рана
stab wound drain
дренаж через контрапертуру
посеянный уколом
stab oneself to death
make a stab
stab through and through
to stab
наносить удар
stab neutrophil
нейтрофильный палочкоядерный гранулоцит
stab neutrophil
палочкоядерный лейкоцит

Word forms


Basic forms
Present Participle (Participle I)stabbing
Past Participle (Participle II)stabbed
Present Indefinite, Active Voice
I stabwe stab
you stabyou stab
he/she/it stabsthey stab
Present Continuous, Active Voice
I am stabbingwe are stabbing
you are stabbingyou are stabbing
he/she/it is stabbingthey are stabbing
Present Perfect, Active Voice
I have stabbedwe have stabbed
you have stabbedyou have stabbed
he/she/it has stabbedthey have stabbed
Present Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I have been stabbingwe have been stabbing
you have been stabbingyou have been stabbing
he/she/it has been stabbingthey have been stabbing
Past Indefinite, Active Voice
I stabbedwe stabbed
you stabbedyou stabbed
he/she/it stabbedthey stabbed
Past Continuous, Active Voice
I was stabbingwe were stabbing
you were stabbingyou were stabbing
he/she/it was stabbingthey were stabbing
Past Perfect, Active Voice
I had stabbedwe had stabbed
you had stabbedyou had stabbed
he/she/it had stabbedthey had stabbed
Past Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I had been stabbingwe had been stabbing
you had been stabbingyou had been stabbing
he/she/it had been stabbingthey had been stabbing
Future Indefinite, Active Voice
I shall/will stabwe shall/will stab
you will stabyou will stab
he/she/it will stabthey will stab
Future Continuous, Active Voice
I shall/will be stabbingwe shall/will be stabbing
you will be stabbingyou will be stabbing
he/she/it will be stabbingthey will be stabbing
Future Perfect, Active Voice
I shall/will have stabbedwe shall/will have stabbed
you will have stabbedyou will have stabbed
he/she/it will have stabbedthey will have stabbed
Future Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I shall/will have been stabbingwe shall/will have been stabbing
you will have been stabbingyou will have been stabbing
he/she/it will have been stabbingthey will have been stabbing
Future in the Past Indefinite, Active Voice
I should/would stabwe should/would stab
you would stabyou would stab
he/she/it would stabthey would stab
Future in the Past Continuous, Active Voice
I should/would be stabbingwe should/would be stabbing
you would be stabbingyou would be stabbing
he/she/it would be stabbingthey would be stabbing
Future in the Past Perfect, Active Voice
I should/would have stabbedwe should/would have stabbed
you would have stabbedyou would have stabbed
he/she/it would have stabbedthey would have stabbed
Future in the Past Perfect Continuous, Active Voice
I should/would have been stabbingwe should/would have been stabbing
you would have been stabbingyou would have been stabbing
he/she/it would have been stabbingthey would have been stabbing
Present Indefinite, Passive Voice
I am stabbedwe are stabbed
you are stabbedyou are stabbed
he/she/it is stabbedthey are stabbed
Present Continuous, Passive Voice
I am being stabbedwe are being stabbed
you are being stabbedyou are being stabbed
he/she/it is being stabbedthey are being stabbed
Present Perfect, Passive Voice
I have been stabbedwe have been stabbed
you have been stabbedyou have been stabbed
he/she/it has been stabbedthey have been stabbed
Past Indefinite, Passive Voice
I was stabbedwe were stabbed
you were stabbedyou were stabbed
he/she/it was stabbedthey were stabbed
Past Continuous, Passive Voice
I was being stabbedwe were being stabbed
you were being stabbedyou were being stabbed
he/she/it was being stabbedthey were being stabbed
Past Perfect, Passive Voice
I had been stabbedwe had been stabbed
you had been stabbedyou had been stabbed
he/she/it had been stabbedthey had been stabbed
Future Indefinite, Passive Voice
I shall/will be stabbedwe shall/will be stabbed
you will be stabbedyou will be stabbed
he/she/it will be stabbedthey will be stabbed
Future Perfect, Passive Voice
I shall/will have been stabbedwe shall/will have been stabbed
you will have been stabbedyou will have been stabbed
he/she/it will have been stabbedthey will have been stabbed


Common casestabstabs
Possessive casestab'sstabs'