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Сергей Касаткиндобавил заметку 4 года назад

заметка (en-en)

Morning, dear Lingvo Online users!

Are you ready to meet the fourth question head on? Then do it!

SCORE 3-0. Lingvo Online experts versus TV audience. Go!


This substance is the main component of the acid rains. In gaseous form it can cause severe burns.

The consequence of this substance getting in the stomach may be sweating, and in the case of the high dose - vomiting. In case of accidental inhalation, the lethal outcome cannot be excluded. Name this substance.

*I also would like to remind you that by answering the question you`re required to use English.

Question starts: 10:55

Question ends at: 16:55


Обсуждение (13)

Vladislav Jeongдобавил комментарий 4 года назад

Valentinka, tell me, please, are you a doctor? How did you know for sure that water can be poisonous for living organisms, that if accidentally breathed in, it can cause death? By the way, what kind of pathophysiology is there to occur in case water vapor is inhaled? )
Remember, Sergey have asked us no to use the help of Google The omnipotent. )

Vladislav Jeongдобавил комментарий 4 года назад

because me being a doctor, thought of NO2 and SO2. )))

Igor Yurchenkoдобавил комментарий 4 года назад

I'm not a doctor, but even I know that a lungfull of water is pretty bad. Nobody said anything about inhaling "water vapour". And if you inhale water itself - you're in a lot of trouble =)

Сергей Касаткиндобавил комментарий 4 года назад


While writing this question I actually thought that by figuring out the answer even the people of science would still be tricked into thinking of an incorrect answer (atleast in the first place). And that`s what you`ve said you were thinking of. And considering that you are a doctor...it also makes me think that some sort of "unfair source" has been used in order to answer this question, which, in my opinion, wasn`t the easiest one.

I am still thinking how to rule out the possiblity of the Google usage, since it really IS omnipotent and all-knowing.

Vladislav Jeongдобавил комментарий 4 года назад

having gotten the right answer from Valentinka, a colleague of ours, I also knocked at Google's door, and right away the answer was there at every corner of it. ) I am not here to say that our colleague used ways not fair. I am just saying that I was not smart enough to rule other chemical substances out making my preference for water. )
thanks for your interesting posts.

Vladislav Jeongдобавил комментарий 4 года назад

by the way, be careful whilst driving! )

Igor Yurchenkoдобавил комментарий 4 года назад

Сергей, I may assure you, that it was quite possible to answer this question without any "unfair source". It's just a matter of reading the question and seeing what you meant, not what you wanted us to see. Just a bit of logic and attention to detail, really.
A great question, by the way. You don't have to have any special knowledge to answer it. All the required information is in the question itself. As I've said - only attention and logic.
I know, its only my word, but if we don't have trust - we have nothing in this game, so I assure you I knew it was water as soon as I've read the question for the second time. Basically, I assumed it was water just after I've read about the "the main component of the acid rains". After that I just had to check if it fits all the other statements - and it did.
Once again, it is a VERY good question. It's virtually ungooglable, unless you google the composition of acid rain, and even that should be quite misleading.

Igor Yurchenkoдобавил комментарий 4 года назад

As to preventing people from using google - you can't forbid it and you can't control it. You may try to make the question to be hard to google. You may try to google it yourself before posting and improve it according to what you get. But the main rule here is - if you want to enjoy the game (not necessarily win, but enjoy the game itself) you have to play fair. For example I try to answer every your question before reading the comments. My aim is not to be the first to solve the puzzle, but to solve it myself - otherwise i won't enjoy it. So even if people are going to play unfairly you may keep doing it for people like me, who enjoy a good game regardless of how the others play it =)

Сергей Касаткиндобавил комментарий 4 года назад

Vladislav, for sure I will be careful! Thank you, haha :)

Igor, these are the outstanding remarks, you're absolutely right. There`s no way I can forbid it or control it, that`s right. And yes, the main purpose of this game here is to arouse the pure interest among the Lingvo Live users and I will surely keep doing it as long as atleast somebody enjoys it.

It is great that you (and perhaps some other users) find the questions interesting and try to answer them fairly. Yes, it is.

As to the question itself, when I think about it or look at it from the other side, I agree that it might have been not so complicated to answer this one. But it also gladdens me if you`ve found the question interesting.

So, congratulations to Valentinka on achieving that one and yeah...4-0!

Marissa Zebaduaдобавил комментарий 4 года назад


Valentinka Valentinkaдобавила комментарий 4 года назад

You don't need to be a doctor or a scientist to solve this 👍🏻 It was pretty easy.

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