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Gala Xasked for translation 4 года назад
How to translate? (ru-en)

Как тебе это удалось?!

Author’s comment

В ПЛОХОМ СМЫСЛЕ: возмущение + злость

(мол, как можно было так вляпаться?!)

User translations (3)

  1. 1.

    How did you wind up in such a fix?

    translation added by 🇺🇸 Uly 🐝
    Gold ru-en
  2. 2.

    How did you come to such a pass?

    translation added by 🇺🇸 Uly 🐝
    Gold ru-en
  3. 3.

    How did you end up like this? / how did you even get involved?

    translation added by Vicious Circle
    Silver ru-en

Discussion (13)

Gala Xadded a comment 4 года назад

@Vicious Circle,

Tatiana Gerasimenkoadded a comment 4 года назад

Улий, как-то мы обсуждали, что to manage употребляется, когда вкладывают сарказм в высказывание. А здесь оно не подошло бы?

🇺🇸 Uly 🐝added a comment 4 года назад

Конечно! Если у говорящего такое отношение, можно так: How(ever) did you manage to get yourself into such a fix?

Gala Xadded a comment 4 года назад

@Uly Marrero,
thank you very much, it's nice of you!☺
If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you about "to manage".
If I got you right...
the verb "to manage" is used as a hint of sarcasm?
But if I want to say:
Мне удалось сдать этот экзамен.
I managed to pass this exam.
- is there a sarcasm?...
Sorry, but "to manage" in the sense of sarcasm - this feature is a bit new to me)
Could you explain it, plz?☺
Thanks in advance!

🇺🇸 Uly 🐝added a comment 4 года назад

Yes, Gala, if the fact that you passed the exam surprised you because you (a) hate the the class; or (b) didn't study; or (c) are a bad student, etc. then you can say "I somehow managed to pass the exam." But what Tatiana is referring to is when you use it in reference to a bad outcome, as in this example. When somebody fails at something that should be simple or that could have been avoided: A: If you want to go to Rita's party, I can watch your baby. B: No, thanks! Last week I asked you to watch him for one hour and in that time, you managed to drop him on the floor, put his shoes on backwards and make him cry!

Gala Xadded a comment 4 года назад

@Uly Marrero,
so, "to manage" we can use in the both senses - serious and ironical?
I'm very grateful to you for the explanation!👍

🇺🇸 Uly 🐝added a comment 4 года назад

Serious and IRONIC, better: sarcastic.

Gala Xadded a comment 4 года назад

@Uly Marrero,
what's the difference between ironical and ironic?☺
Thank you for correcting my mistakes!

Gala Xadded a comment 4 года назад

@Uly Marrero,
thank you, it's really useful!☺

Филипп Киркоровadded a comment 2 года назад

Между прочим, выражение How did you wind up in such a fix? придумали русские колонисты в 1807 году на территории современной Калифорнии.

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