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Изучает английский.

Я зарегистрировалась здесь 16.08.2019. Я потихонечку изучаю английский язык.:)

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Что они говорят друг другу? Помогите, пожалуйста, распознать.


На 11:43

The cellphone in here?....the cellphone is the main sin in the prison и дальше

Андриолли 1добавила заметку 3 месяца назад
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Здесь аж 57 английских идиом! :)

Андриолли 1добавила заметку 4 месяца назад
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Помогите разобраться, пожалуйста.

Автор поста - итальянец, он слева.

Его тест я тоже исправила, возможно также неправильно.

Danny_now got a roof over his head. He's had a haircut. We DID some shopping. And he couldn't remember the last time he_ actually went out to a restaurant. Honestly, it's crazy how much the difference you have made for his life. You GAVE him his life back and we GAVE a home to homeless.

Андриолли 1добавила заметку 4 месяца назад
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Просьба помочь разобраться. Это написано не носителем языка.. Я здесь не совсем поняла и исправила))

“I’m dealing with a boss who gets impatient with me when I’m trying to explain myself. English is my second language and I’m the only person on the team whose English is their second language.

I get very nervous every time I have a meeting with her and it is worse when I know that my colleagues are attending the meetings too. My heart starts pounding and my hands get very sweaty.”

Как я это вижу. Возможно, неправильно:

I DEAL with MY boss who IS GETTING impatient with me when I _try TO EXPRESS myself. English is my second language and I’m the only person IN the team whose English is their second language.

I get very nervous every time I have a meeting with her, and it is worse when my colleagues are BEING attended FOR the meetings too. My heart is STARTING pounding and my hands ARE getTING very sweat.”

Читать далее
Андриолли 1добавила заметку 4 месяца назад
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Интересует выражение - to take command of the English. (да, так и было написано в английском учебнике с артиклем)

В общем смысл понятен. - Владеть английским. Но что здесь значит take? Начать владеть английским?

Андриолли 1добавила заметку 4 месяца назад
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Uly, are you rested enough yet? please come back and continue to work on our English and work on proficience of your Russian. :)

As I already said - Don't pay attention on any kinds of jerks, trolls, morons. Unfortunately, our world is full of them. So that save your breath.

Андриолли 1добавила заметку 6 месяцев назад
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Just for smile :)

Андриолли 1добавила заметку 7 месяцев назад
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I'll be so grateful for all of your corrections and suggestions. Help me, please, make this translation smoother and more idiomatic.

I heard this curious story from some of my acquaintances. A pretty girl was waiting for her early bus at the bus stop. It should be noted that she wore an exquisite white trouser suit. One guy was passing by the bus stop at high speed on his car. Accidentally at that moment he splashed dirty water from a puddle onto her clothes. He didn`t want that, of course. Unfortunately, her outfit was totally ruined. With upset feelings she started yelling at him using even the obscene words. He got out of his car and apologized to the girl. After that, because he wanted to make amends, he invited her to a restaurant. Also, he offered to pay for her almost new suit. Despite the fact that the girl was still angry, she accepted his invitation. So their acquaintance occurred. The most interesting thing in this story is that they got married after some time.

Андриолли 1добавила заметку 8 месяцев назад
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I'm struggling with listening :) so I ask your help ( указано время, не сочтите за труд)) Очень благодарна за внимание!



During the contraction, Roblin had an accident which results were a blood poisoning and after two weeks of suffering he died, leaving his son, who served at the General Grand in the Civil War to make his plants come true. The bridge didn't bring luck to the family as during the contraction Washington became....( произносит перолайзд но что это ???

5:04.. In the morning, two policemen.......... (всю фразу до конца, произносит очень быстро. ????)

10:38 Truman Capote wrote following in his novel titled Breakfast at Tiffany which later became a film with Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard..... I am always drawn to the places where I was live....

The house there neighborhood........... Red velvet associated with....

The single window looks on the fire escape.

....... И до 11:38

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Андриолли 1добавила заметку год назад
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Рассказывает девушка: еду в маршрутке и думаю: выйти и купить шаурму или нет? Рядом сидящая бабка говорит: Do it!

Думаю: ничего себе! Вот это бабка-мотиватор! Я прямо опешила. А бабуля повторяет: Дует! :)))

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