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Андриолли 1

Studies English.

изучаю английский с 2019.

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Could you please help me recognize some words from this podcast?


6:33 struggling with...?

6:40-6:47 What did he say? I recognize only snaggy

7:37 really dis... part of a word

8:27 about movement half of steps forward and two back?

From 9:31 granted to 9:43 granted..

10:19 the word what have spoken before rapidly enough

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Two minutes of cuteness :)))

German Shepherd Puppy Meets Mom Cat with Newborn Kittens for the First Time


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Could you help me recognize what did he say? I don't know this word.



Never mind the fingerpointing. The plant is occupied and in a.... state.

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Could you please help me to recognize some words from this podcast?


0:06.... Door. Что он сделал с дверью?

2:20 - 2:37 years later Luisa's brother Mikle according the incident with young Butch just two years old. As Mikle remindered it :we are all sitting down in a basement watching tv, I don't know, the boy done something (что сделал отец? И что произошло с мальчиком?)

5:20. Two friends... (what?)

6:27 his sister approach to... his family

7:57 with a swiming pool and.... house

8:05 foolish to.... pass such a good deal. Верно?

8:46 priest combined and.... it

10 :12 became...

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Hello! Could you please help me recognaze some words?

1:38 Today we are ... a strange disappearance

3:06 - 3:08 but ...she gett off scarf free -

3:17 but she seem to take a brash to a lot of horde


9:08 and some suspects that the parish in the wood .... in her car crush

12:54 -12:55

14:13 ... secrets remain keep


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So tell me, does Bruclin love your music...

Что она говорит на 0:15?

Does little boy stands... two sentences together

Что она говорит на 0:24?

And what about Bruclin?

Что она ответила, не совсем понятно

Последние фразы автора и Виктории понятны.

Помогите разобраться с первыми фразами, пожалуйста.

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Hello! What did she say? Thanks

0:26 - 0:30


0:43 - 0:47

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Hello! I copied this review from Internet.

It's interesting to me - are all things written correctly here?

I see these mistakes :

1 In the Nata classes - in Nata's

2 what tense do we need here - during 4 months I realised?

3 terrible demon is it idiomatic?

4 there are always current topics? There are a lot of topics to discuss

5 I'll advise everyone not to doubt, but to try and enjoy.

Лучше - I highly recommend everyone to try classes with.. (?)

6.Depth understanding - deep understanding

7 the first sentence is too long.

Is it quite correct to use saying and writing instead of to say and write?


the words of gratitude without the

I don’t know why but saying and writing the words of gratitude is always a challenge in my opinion because it requires searching for the right words, saying a simple ‘thanks’ isn't enough, especially when the teacher gave you so much knowledge, motivation and depth understanding. Nata is this kind of teacher , during 4 months I realised that English isn’t a terrible demon but an interesting field to study. In the Nata classes1 there are always current topics to discuss and pick up about. I will give advice for everybody not to doubt , but try and enjoy.

Correct me please, if I'm wrong. It would be very helpful.

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