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Сергей Касаткин

Top of the day, fellow linguists! If I was any useful to you, feel free to drop me down a like or post a positive review in the commentary section, any is appreciated.

I`m trying to always be there for you in the time of need. Cheerio!

Сергей Касаткиндобавил заметку 4 года назад
заметка (en-en)

Evening, Lingvo Live experts.

I`d like to remind you that the current game score is 5-0 in your favor. Our virtual TV audience is panicking, because here`s the 6th question that well may be the last in this game. And here it goes!


[It is known that many Russian princely families are of Tatar origin.

The Emperor Paul I once asked the count Rostopchin:

- Are all the Rostopchins in fact of Tatar origin?

- Exactly so, m`lord - responded Rostopchin.

- Why then are you not the princes (the dukes)?

- That is because my ancestor moved to Russia in the winter. In summer, the Tsars would bestow the eminent Tatars princely dignity...

And what, according to Rostopchin, would the Tsars bestow the Tatars that would come in winter?]

Question stars: 20:10 MSK

Question ends at: 02:19 MSK

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Сергей Касаткиндобавил заметку 4 года назад
заметка (en-en)

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!

Four questions have been successfully answered by Lingvo Live experts thus making the score 4-0.

And ROUND 5 is starting right now!

[Question: Explaining the topic choice for one of his essays, George Orwell wrote: "IT is really curious. And not only because it`s one of the pillars of the British civilization, but also because the best way to do IT may sometimes become the subject of the bitter disputes. The essay itself contains 11 methods (ways) to do IT. TO DO WHAT?]

Question posted: 14:08

Question ends at: 20:08

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Сергей Касаткиндобавил заметку 4 года назад
заметка (en-en)

Morning, dear Lingvo Online users!

Are you ready to meet the fourth question head on? Then do it!

SCORE 3-0. Lingvo Online experts versus TV audience. Go!


This substance is the main component of the acid rains. In gaseous form it can cause severe burns.

The consequence of this substance getting in the stomach may be sweating, and in the case of the high dose - vomiting. In case of accidental inhalation, the lethal outcome cannot be excluded. Name this substance.

*I also would like to remind you that by answering the question you`re required to use English.

Question starts: 10:55

Question ends at: 16:55

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Сергей Касаткиндобавил заметку 4 года назад
заметка (en-en)

Good afternoon,

ROUND 3 and Good luck!

Oddly enough these two characters have a lot in common. They both have italian roots. Their middle names would have been the same if, of course, there were any. Yet their relations with Russia have developed differently. The visit to Russia brought to one of them eventually nothing but trouble, though initially everything was going in his favor. The second one is not only well known in Russia to everybody from young to old alike, but was basically born here.

Who are these characters?

Question starts: 13:42

Question ends at: 19:42

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Сергей Касаткиндобавил заметку 4 года назад
заметка (en-en)

Top of the day, fellow linguists!

Aaand we're going to go straight to the next question.

Score 1-0 (Lingvo experts vs virtual TV audience).


According to former CIA Director Allen Dulles, people of this profession or with this hobby make the good scouts (intelligence officers). Name the profession (hobby).

Question started: 09:40 MSK

Question ends at: 15:40 MSK

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Сергей Касаткиндобавил заметку 4 года назад
заметка (en-en)

Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are here to start our Autumn Series of "Что?Где?Когда?" games. Lingvo Online experts will be facing the (virtual) TV audience. Here below you will be given a question, answers on which you should write in the commentary section.

A tiny bit about the rules:

*1 - It is advisable that you do not use any kind of infomation source (including internet and encyclopedia-like books), but your own knowledge, intuition and the help of your friends. Thus it makes the game more interesting.

*2 You will be given 6 hours time to figure out the correct answer. You will be able to see the timemark in the very end of the post (of the note).

*3 For the answers, please, use English.

Good luck and off you go!


Leonardo da Vinci used to look for the models for his paintings really thoroughly. He could be in search of them for months, even for years. However, the two different characters of his he drew using only one model. Please, name these characters.

Question started: 20:30 MSK

Question ends at 02:30 MSK

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Сергей Касаткиндобавил заметку 4 года назад
заметка (ru-en)

Добрый вечер, дамы и господа!

Абсолютно всем известно такое телевизионное шоу как "Что?Где?Когда?". Мне очень нравится эта игра и, в связи с этим, хочу поинтересоваться, нравится ли она вам? Если да, то я буду иногда выкладывать вопросы, на которые нужно будет дать правильный ответ и, соответственно, победить. Можно будет даже

"растянуть" одну игру на несколько дней. Знатоки "Lingvo Online" против виртуальных телезрителей.

Хотелось бы почитать ваши мнения. Спасибо.

Сергей Касаткиндобавил заметку 4 года назад
заметка (de-de)

Guten Abend, meine Damen und Herren!

Wir alle wissen, was ein Stau ist and wir wissen doch auch, wie peinlich es ist, in einen Stau zu geraten und da drüben stundenlang stehen. Heutzutage ist dieses Thema durchaus aktuell.

Was kommt aber vor, wenn man auf dieses Problem wohl von anderer Seite anschaut? Was POSITIVES können die Staus in unser Leben bringen?